Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WOYWW 254..

I’m back inside, did you miss me terribly? No, I thought not lol, that’s all right, I talk to myself most of the time anyway so I figure that my blogging isn’t much different.  I was tempted to post a picture of my gardening adventures last week because that was the ‘desk’ I was working on.  It was wonderful out and I even got the seasons first ‘sun kiss’, but I didn’t think many would find the humor.  I will share this though,


Because Wednesday morning I was called by the post office to let me know that my first package of honeybees had arrived and I had to put them in their new home.  I then spent the rest of the day cleaning leaves out of flower beds.

This week though, the weather has flipped and holy crow it is COLD outside again, we had sleet and snow last night after 78 degrees the day before.  Such is Spring I guess.


I’m in the midst of finishing off the Easter cards to mail.  I know nothing like waiting to the last minute. I’m still in love with my new arrangement!

Okay, off you go to see Julia at The Stamping Ground!  Have fun and hop on!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Just playing…

I had this stack of bits, pieces, bases and starts that has just been sitting around, being added to for a long time.  In my newly formed train of thought, it’s use it or lose it!  So I’ve been using and using and using…


The pile is getting smaller and it should be!


Some need sentiments, others a little embellishing but I actually feel productive!  Best part is I’m actually having fun!  Actually the BEST part is this…


Having them both up here with me is awesome!!!  Okay, back I go!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Happy Happy, Happy Wednesday!!!  if you are here you either love coming to see what I’ve gotten myself into this time.  Or, you are here as a member of the desk peepers society formed by Julia at the Stamping Ground.  In either case, welcome and hi!


Tuesday afternoon finds the sun shinning and me happily getting inky.  Far right is my stamp wiper thingy, I don’t use anything but water but I like to wipe them off. My Wacom tablet is under that and I swear I’m getting back to my lessons.  Next are some Easter and Spring images that I’m going to use on some of my premade card bases, Distress inks and stamps as I was playing with my art journal,.  So much has been going on with me, the whole getting rid of stuff I didn’t use was very eye opening and it’s changed my perspective about a lot of stuff. Funny how that happens, so I was working on a journal page about new beginnings. My distress makers are out, not sure that I love those yet.. My distress inks are on top of several sorted piles of card parts and pieces.  Stamped but uncolored images, colored images, prefolded paper that needs to become a card base to go in that plastic container there at the back of the desk.  That green bin has nothing in it, typically there is a very large cat squeezing herself into it.  In front of that green bin is my beloved camera, currently sporting my macro lens as I was out taking pictures of early Spring blooms.  Two stamp sets that I was working with on my journal page and my big stamp thingy that I wasn’t using lol

So I know I’m supposed to keep this all short and such but I have to share with you the outcome of the moving back into the craft room!


You’ve seen the desk, here’s the rest!!  It took almost two full days for me to get this set up like it is.  Everything is in easy reach and the stuff that I don’t typically use year round, read that as Christmas stuff and reinkers is tucked nicely away under the table.  I am so happy with the outcome of all of this! 

Okay, off you go to hop around the blog-o-sphere and look at other desks!  Have a great day!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

A weekend of arranging…


It took ALL weekend, I am not kidding, I’ve been working in my craft room almost non-stop since Saturday afternoon to get to this..


I really wanted it set up so that everything was within easy reach in a way that made sense.  All the embellishments are on the left side, ribbons, stickers, gems, and jewels.  I even used velcro to attach things not in storage bags.


The left side is tools and liquids that I didn’t want laying down in drawers and again I used velcro to attach things that I want at easy reach and not tucked into a drawer.


The bottom section under the table is organized with stuff that I don’t need very often.


Christmas papers, ribbons, embellishments, stamps and embossing folders,  My December Daily supplies are tucked under here too and so are my reinkers as I just didn’t want them taking up valuable draw space.

The middle section is where the action is!


On the right, my Big Shot, unmounted stamps, sizzix big dies and ribbon on rolls.  The middle at the top is my binder with my metal dies, the extender plates for my Big Shot and paper that is used for layers and die cutting.  Under that are my white, cream and natural papers they are in individual page protectors that are labeled so that I don’t have to take a sheet out to feel it to see what it is. (Xpress, glossy, curious metallic, etc.)  On the left my Pazzles that I am DETERMINED to use so I put it in a place I’d see it! My Bazzill papers all sorted and right there for easy use, all my tapes, glue dots, pop dots in one place, all my Tim Holtz class stuff (so I can finally finish CC2!) My Distress inks above that, an empty drawer and then my alterable stuff.  

I am SO excited to get back to being creative.  It has been too long since I even wanted to make anything much less spend time up in my craft room.  Stay tuned on Wednesday I’ll be showing off my newly arranged desk and whatever it is that I’m working on!

Happy (snowy!) Sunday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I actually have things on my desk in the most uncharacteristically. untidy manner and I’m incredibly excited about that!  Before I go on rambling, don’t forget to head over to The Stamping Ground to see what my fellow deskers are doing today!


The new desk location with a view of my woods, covered once again in snow!  I( know many are so tired of it but you won’t ever hear me complain about it, I love it!!!) See all that natural light streaming onto my desk, oh it’s just wondrous I tell you!  Now let’s see what’s about, Off to the left my Copics are home, my paper cutter is there and the bin o’blocks.  A jar holding my readers and some odd pens, an unopened container of alcohol wipes as Sir Holtz says they are grand for cleaning up inks.  That stack of paper is the last of my 12x12 cut down!  It’s amazing how making that paper smaller made me love it!  My scor-pal and some sheets I was playing with, my Distress paint daubers are in a tray, I fell in love with those after the Creative Chemistry class.  A jar of buttons that I really need to find a use for because while they are quite pretty in the jar, they’d be much lovelier on a card!  The pad I use to wipe my stamps off, my big shot off to the side there on a small cabinet.  The lighting is horrendous in the picture lol, but oh it’s so fantastic to work by! 

Oh and that clear spot, ha, that not where I work it’s where the cats flop down, wet paint, glue, glitter they don’t care, so I have to make sure they have some where to lay.

While I was typing…


Now off you go!  I’ve got more mess to make!!