Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday #396

Happy New Year fellow deskers!  I ambled up to my room that has now been mostly returned to its prior self with the gifts I received in tow and a plan to make some thank you cards.


So off I go to put these away and get to those cards and off you go to see other desk in action!  If you get lost just find your way back to Julia at The Stamping Ground and she will happily direct you to some other desks.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What’s on Your Workdesk #392


Good morning fellow deskers, another Wednesday is here and I’m following in the footsteps of my fearless inspiration Julia from The Stamping Ground, to share with you the disaster that is my desk.


It has become the proverbial dumping ground for all manner of things, a book about log cabins (aptly called Cabin Porn) that I got for Christmas last year.  The basket of rock eggs and some sheep made from wool that I got at a church Christmas sale in Williamsburg, VA many, many years ago.  Some glue dots that I used for some Christmas decorating. Oh and off to the far paint some red and white paint and 3 pieces of blank wood that are supposed to become Christmas decorations in the near future.  I’m in the middle of decorating the house and so all work stopped in the craft room.  Of course I’ll be back to finish cards and projects soon…I hope!  Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What’s on Your Workdesk #391

Christmas time is here, okay well not quite but my desk is covered with Christmas like stuff.  Not cards per se, but December Daily fixins’!


So here’s the overview from end to end you can see, just about every inch is covered. (It’s driving me crazy!)


Starting at the far left, my photo cards that I’m sending out this year.  I’m making some also, they are up there in the top near the paper towels.  I know my limits and there was no way I was going to get 60 cards done in time to send out this weekend.  So only certain people get handmade, they rest get my design featuring my furkids. In the middle there is a heap of papers, stickers, die cuts etc. etc. for my December Daily.


Moving along here’s the December Daily, my water, some embossing paste, glitter paste and a random assortment of stuff.  I am just making the number pages for the daily. Pictures and journaling come, daily!


Here’s the far right.  My new fiskars cutter (not loving it), more DD bits and pieces, scrap paper, stamp cleaner and oh, some new Rubber Hedgehog Great Dane stamps that I’ve put repositionable glue on.  The stamps are being used on the Great Dane card on the far left.

Okay that’s all folks.  Head over to Julia’s at The Stamping Ground and go on a desk pepping adventure!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here we are another Wednesday of desk peeping.  I’m happy to report that there are some things actually going on, even though my Christmas mojo has been a no go.


Here’s a corner of my desk and the parts and pieces I was working on yesterday.


Here is my work table set up behind my desk, where there was some actual work taking place this morning.  Nice cuppa tea there and my paper cutter ready to go.


In the top of the picture you see some hands and a pair of feet at the bottom, that would be my gal pal Kathy who came over twice this week to search for her missing mojo as well.  By the time she left we had a nice stack of card starts, which is good because before today, I had a whole 3 cards done minus the insides.

So now off you go to say hello to Julia at the Stamping Ground and the other deskers around the world.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WOYWW #387

Oh my desky friends it has been to long. My crafty life and time spent in my crafty space has been woefully neglected.  Today on this second day of November I find myself sitting at my desk, the sin gently shimmering through the fall foliage and feeling that my crafty ship must be righted!  Though the desk be sad in this picture, do give me time to reach the euphoria of Julia’s desk over at The Stamping Ground!


That’s truly a yawn! I’ve brought my laptop up to backup all my files, see over the summer I got lost among my genealogy hobby and spent ridiculous amounts of time reading about long since passed ancestors.  Fascinating stuff really if you are into it.  I had my DNA done as well, turns out Great Britain makes up 36% of my genetics, it’s been interesting to read about places that my ancestors have come from.  One day I do hope to travel to actually see some of these places!

So here I am, backing up files and while that goes on I’m going to do some needed cleaning in the rest of the room so that I can truly get ready to make a crafty mess!  Happiest of Wednesdays to you!