Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WOYWW #267

Greetings desk peekers!  Today my desk is in between.  It after a clean up and before the next paper attack hits.


My new monitor is on the far end, so happy about that!  Currently it’s displaying a collection of macro photographs of insects.  I’m trying to decide if I want to enter some contest or not.  There is a pile of cards of the birthday variety that need their insides and final touches. This years County Fair book and another decision to be made if I want to enter any photography or cards for that.  My laptop with the new portable hard drive that contains A COPY of all my digital scrapbooking supplies that I’ve been sorting and organizing. No one told me when I first started digital scrapbooking that I should really take the time to organize my supplies as I unzipped them.  Oh I wish someone had!


And while not on my desk, though his head was earlier while watching dog videos on You Tube, my ever present best friend Cooper.  He’s now a year and one month old and he has stolen my heart TOTALLY!

Now off you go to see Julia at The Stamping Ground.  Tell her I said hello and sorry for the rambles!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Sketch for Sunday…

So I’m in a digital organization mess.  Basically I have multiple copies of all manner of digital files stored in several different places.  I’ve been working or sorting, deleting and merging as much as I can.  In addition to that, I’ve going to be going into the deep end of sorting of all my pictures and digital scrapbooking files.  Let me tell you THAT is a huge undertaking.

So what does the above have to do with a sketch you might wonder? At one point in time I made sketches for challenges online for a private group.  This groups is no longer around and so while cleaning I found all those sketches and I’ve decided to share. 

So here’s today’s sketch


And here’s my card.


Now my card is actually 4 squares and not 2 rectangles but you can do whatever you want.  Use as many layers,papers, etc. whatever gets you inspired and creating is all that matters!  All I’m asking is that if you do create something using my sketch, please let me know so that I can see what you came up with.  I love being inspired by other card makers and I know how incredibly creative many of you are!  So a comment here with a link would be very appreciated.  There isn’t a time limit or anything with the sketch so whenever you get around to posting still will be appreciated.

I’ll try to post one on Sundays and I hope someone out there in stamping land finds them useful!

Feeling the spirit yet??

So you got a brief break from Christmas cards galore but today…I’m back with more!!!

Just two that I’m sharing today, I had some computer issues come up and had to clean up the Christmas fun to make room for that.  I’m close to getting back to it though and soon I may even be doing something to help inspire you to get creating again!




Two to make you smile for sure!  The bear in lights was colored with Copics, the mice were Prismacolor pencils. 

See you soon Winking smile

Saturday, July 12, 2014

House Mouse Birthday

So here I am again with another card, but this time it’s not Christmas (though those will be back soon enough!).  Today I’m sharing a birthday card I made with scraps and a House Mouse clearance stamp!


How stinking cute is that!  The paper is ancient as in retired TAC paper that I’ve bits and pieces of.  The stamp is Amanda and Monica Make a Wish and I got it for like .99 on a clearance rack.  I remember when I first ‘discovered’ House Mouse I wanted them all.  Now this was the first time I’d colored those nice mice with my Copics, up to this point I’ve always used my prismacolor pencils.  I found this chart online that helped me with the colors. I’ve got to admit, I might be tempted to color some more..hmm, maybe some Christmas ones even!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Christmas leftovers

More scrappy Christmas cards today!  The supplies all came from my scrap stash the box is getting low, but sometimes I think it breeds over night!


Up first a tree I stamped and decided I didn’t like very much for it’s intended purpose.  I ended up cutting it way down and it found it’s home here.  I actually like it now!


What does one do with a brown wood embossed piece of paper?  Well make a manly Christmas card from it of course!  No frills here, just a deer of a card (oh sorry lol!)


Finally we have some candy canes, which I typically shy away from because I can’t ever seem to get the red just right.  This one though, not too bad at all.  On the inside it says, & candy cane kisses, too sweet??


Well, that’s the Christmas showcase for this week! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christmas Squared..

Are you feeling the desire to make Christmas cards yet?  I’m rolling on today with two that look so easy but actually gave me a fit!  I found the design on Pinterest as I was looking for something to do with small scraps.  The instructions were limited basically cut 1” x 1” squares was all I got.  Well the key part that I needed was start in the middle and work your way out.  So if you decide to attempt, it’s easier if you find the center of your card and work out.  Also another tip, don’t attach the layer you are putting the squares on to the card.  The reason?  It will allow you to leave the squares whole and flip the layer over and trim them off instead of trying to cut and place them!



The fronts of both are actually white, just bad lighting in my picture.  I ran out of scraps for the second one so changed the design.  I like them, they are sort of country Christmas I think!