Sunday, August 26, 2007

Carrying Love with Me

Happy Sunday!

Wow this was one wild week, the weather went from beautiful to miserable to unbelievable storms last night! The rain at the start was conducive to indoor time as was the heat and so I spent some time doing something just for me, I made my Memory Purse! I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to put on it. I have three loves in my life, three things that I wouldn't give up for anything, my husband, my pets and my love of nature. I get more pleasure, more peace, more serenity from those three things then anything else in the world. I figured that I better start with the one that would actually see the purse lol! So I used the Lily Anna paper and cardstock for this and I LOVE the colors and patterns, they are yummy!

I was listening to an 80's station when the song Changes by David Bowie came on the one that goes,"and time may change me, but I can't change time". I was looking at the pictures of us from high school (gosh we were young!) and then our wedding and then our recent trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. Time has changed us for sure, but we are still "us" and we are still best friends! We started out as friends and happily we are still the very best of friends and I just had to honor that!

Funny, I never would of thought I would like making a scrap"purse" page as I just haven't had success scrapping. The size is pretty easy for me (not too big) and I am finding that it is easier to just pick a couple of favorite pictures and focus on them with a simple style, not a lot of embellishments or fussy stuff. I will change the pictures in a couple months, probably one of my pets next!

Till next time,
Happy Stamping & Scrapping!

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