Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Card Time

Well it is that time of year again, time to make the Christmas cards, or in my case finish them. I started in January on mine this year so that I wouldn't find myself scrambling to make them at the last minute, it worked out so well that I will be doing that again!

I still have a few to make but I since it isn't a lot of them, I am not feeling the stress. Which is never a good thing to have connected to your stamping! If feel stress about making a card it probably won't turn out like you want it or worse yet you might find your mojo missing altogether!


I love stamping and it is such a stress reliever for me, that I don't ever want it to become something that I have to do or must do, because that would ruin the fun!

So next time you find yourself feeling a little stressed about stamping. Take a break and find something else to do!

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  1. Cute cards! Wish I had started in January!! :-)


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