Monday, March 12, 2007


Ok well break out the champagne and let's set this blog a sail! Hopefully it won't sink like a lead weight and you will keep coming back for inspiration and to see what I am going to be doing next!

I guess an introduction of sorts is in order so hello, my name is Angie. I have an over active imagination and use it to express myself creatively. These creative expressions come in the form of rubber stamping, gardening, cooking, writing and most recently scrapbooking. As an avid rubber stamper, I needed to find a way to pay for my obsession, er hobby so I found a company that would let me buy their wonderful rubber stamps, papers and supplies at a discount and that would let me make money doing it too, so I joined The Angel Company about five years ago.

I am hoping to inspire you to create something, anything really when you think you can't. I want to give you tips, techniques and information that you can take with you and make something all your own. Being creative, expressing yourself by making something even as simple as a greeting card can open up new way of looking at yourself. Rubber stamping especially allows those of us who can't draw to make something beautiful!
So keep checking in with me, I will be adding things here and there and you just never know what you might find..

Till next time,
Happy Stamping & Scrapping!

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