Friday, August 10, 2007

Coaster Box

I love using my prismacolor pencils with gamsol, love, love, love it. I learned about this at a convention several years ago and have been hooked ever since. For me it makes shading and getting the look I want super easy and I love easy!

My pencils have had various storage locations, but none of them have been handy for me. I had a soft sided velcro close pencil case (anyone want to buy it for cheap?) that was just too much of a bother for me, like I said I like easy! I then moved them into clamshell boxes that TAC stamps come in. I however had to dig through the boxes to find the ones I wanted and again, not easy enough.

Well while poking around the net I found the directions for a box with dividers in it made from paper coasters. Since I had just gotten a bunch of these I thought why not! So I gathered my supplies; Crop a Dile, corner rounder, modge podge, good scissors, foam brush, paper, ribbon, Designer Dries Clear glue, curved needle, ruler and coasters.

I cut my paper into 4" squares and used a corner rounder to round off the corners (use a scrap piece to check how much your corner rounder cuts off. The first one I tried took off too much and left part of the coaster exposed). Then I spread modge podge on the coasters with a foam brush and put the paper on the coasters. I put it on all sides except what was going to be the bottom and then set aside to dry. (I however was impatient and didn't wait long enough, plus the 99% humidity in Maryland wasn't helping either! If you don't wait you will end up with squishy coasters that bend)

If you want just a simple box at this point you can take your crop a dile and punch holes in the sides of the 4 coasters. The holes should be spaced roughly 1/4" apart depending on how many holes you want., I have 5 per side. I put glue on the outside edge of the base coaster and glued the side pieces to it. Using the DDC it sets up pretty fast, especially when you don't use a lot and with this stuff a little goes a long way.

Once all sides were up, I threaded my needle with my ribbon (this needle is "C" shaped) and ran the ribbon through the holes twice, like lacing a shoe! If you want the dividers you will need 3 more coasters that you have covered with paper on both sides. On two of the coasters find the center and cut a slot, just a tad wider then the coaster. On the other coaster cut two slots at roughly 1 3/8" These slots slide together to form the divider, which I put glue on and glued into my box and here it is!

Till next time,
Happy Stamping & Scrapping!

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