Friday, April 25, 2008

Inspired by other bloggers!

I love blogs, there are so many amazingly talented people out there that are blogging. Everyday I get an email from all the blogs that I subscribe to and I go and read and sometimes, lol I even comment!

I was inspired by Amy over at Prairie Paper and Ink, she has some of the coolest ideas and she always manages to get my attention! Her little coaster picture frames got my brain going yesterday for real! I have coasters out the wazoo that I ordered in a group buy several months ago and I have yet to really do much with them. So when I saw her tutorial for coaster frames I perked right up! Hey I thought I could do that, sort of...

Amy used Nestibilites to cut out her lightweight coasters and since I didn't have lightweight coasters, nor the nestibilites I had to get creative! I started by making this square one. Instead of using coaster to make the mat in a scallop I used paper and used my Pazzles Inspiration to cut out the scalloped frame. Its cute enough but the colors, well I should have used a different background color so that the scallop part would pop out more.

I finished that up last night and went to get ready for bed. My mind was busy and at some point between going to bed and getting up it came up with the idea to use round coaster as little frames! So this morning I started working on those and had some major successes using my Pazzles! For starters under normal circumstances cutting out a perfect circle to cover the coaster wouldn't have been easy, but with a computer cutter at my fingers it was a piece of cake and once I created the 4" diameter circle I saved it to use later when I make more! Next I moved onto cutting chipboard frame, yes this time I used chipboard, now this is where my cutter saved me. Not only did I make the scalloped circle but I was able to position it to cut the center circle out! I was so happy when I realized I didn't have to cut that by hand!

I played around with the scallop sizes some and made this one last

Of course it made me think of Christmas and now my poor brain is on over drive with ideas for Christmas cards and gifts using these little frames! How much sweeter to get one of these with the yearly Christmas picture in it!

Now since I didn't have the small left over pieces that she did I had to come up with my own stand. As I said these are my prototypes and I didn't cover the stand with paper, heck the stand is just held on right now with a small piece of tape! It however does what it needs to do and that is what counts, I think though it could be a tad smaller!

Now my old Fiskars paper cutter cut through this medium weight coasters like butter, I was surprised when I tried to just "scor" it a bit and it sliced it! Basically though it is a coaster with the sides cut off and it was an accident as I said I didn't know the cutter would cut the coaster lol.

I can see myself getting hooked on making these. They are fun and go together pretty quick. I also see lots of possibilities for them! So thank you to Amy and all the other inspiring bloggers for sharing your talent!

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