Sunday, August 31, 2008

Always Organizing..

It is a non stop process for me. I am always looking to make my space more functional, more organized more, well, user friendly. If you followed the closet make over back in April you know I was waiting for a shelf to go under the two middle cabinets, well I finally got it!

Currently it is holding some CB folders, my BIA and some stickers that I need to file away, it sort of became a catch all for the stuff that I keep reaching for the most. Of course everything in my room is fluid because I just can't leave it alone!

This was the next task!

Shortly after getting the closet work surface I persuaded my talented husband to redo my main work area. I was "short" on space and after buying a Pazzles Inspiration I really had no where to work!

Well he bought me an 8' section of counter top that matches the closet one and now I have plenty of room!

My other long term project has been my ribbons. They have gone through a multitude of storage options. I think this one might stick though! Besides the four wood topped candy jars I had, I also got out all the antique ball jars my mil left behind! Now the ribbon is wrapped around spools and stored by color family in the jars!

Now you know I have another project in mind.. it's the shelves over my work area and the bookshelves on the other side of the room, stay tuned....

While you are waiting for me to update ;) check out this blog called Crafty Storage! There is all sorts of amazing ideas to be found!


  1. Everything looks great!! It is so nice to be able to spread out while you are creating. Your ribbon looks so yummy in the jars.

  2. How cool Angie! You have been one busy little organizing diva! It looks awesome!

  3. I love all of your organization! It IS a constant battle, but you are definitely waaaaaaaay ahead of many of us!!


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