Friday, August 22, 2008

Stamping On...

I am a card maker. There I said it! I make cards, I love to make cards! I started out simply, as in a card base and then something stamped and layered on top. My roots are deep in cardmaking
not as deep as they are in gardening and writing, but I am firmly planted.

I am also not one for trends, I guess I never was one that worried about what everybody else was doing. Always seemed silly really because how can I leave my mark if it is just like everyone else's?

So this is my stamping, my cardmaking, my fun! Cause when it all comes down to it, life is to short not to love what you are doing!


  1. Hi
    These are great cards, the blog is wonderful, are the stamps available to the Uk many thanks.

  2. Great cards, it's nice to see the set you used...:) Oldies are still goodies!


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