Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Done!

I just finished! Yes! So now here are those details I promised!

Stamp Central!

The binders house all my unmounted stamps, the cd/dvd cases are home to my current TAC sets. I also have 3 other white binders that have retired TAC stamps in them, but they wouldn't fit on the shelf! The cabinets under these binders, full of mounted stamps and I mean FULL!

Ribbon, Ribbon and more Ribbon!

It's now wrapped on doll pins and stored in these jars. These little baskets hold some extra spools and then the big spools that I got from a ribbon outlet!

Coloring Supplies..

Gel pens, prismacolor pencils, aqua painters and of course my pencil sharpener.

Copics and more...

Moving down this shelf, the sliver box holds all my Copics this is what it looks like open the two boxes next to it have my CTMH stamps in them. Oh and my favorite (but not lit) Yankee candle Spiced Pumpkin!

Glues, Tapes and Ribbon Scraps..

The red boxes one has all my glues and glue dots, the other has all my varieties of tapes. The large jar has all my ribbon scraps that are too small to wrap on pins. The little shelf under there has my Designer Dries Clear glue (cause I use that ALL the time) and spray bottles of various items!

This last basket has my paper towels, my note pad and pre-folded card bases for quick crafting!

Now I can go stamp yay!


  1. OMG! This is awesome... I am so jealous. Love the storage

  2. Love it!! Love those handy little baskets too. ;-)

  3. I love all your organizational ideas and what a great space!


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