Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lessons I'm Learning...

I had some stamps that were over 10 years old that turned brittle. It wasn't all of them and since I don't really use anything to clean my stamps with,(water, baby shampoo sometimes, occasionally stamp cleaner) well.. I am left with a mysteryas to why they got hard. What I did learn is that a good manufacture stands by their product and willingly replaces at no charge to the customer the merchandise in question. Wood Cellar graphics replaced the stamps that were brittle which led me to shop some more. I must admit to being very impressed by their service! (Plus I still love their country style images so much!)

After reading an article in Vamp Stamp News about mounting 201 I sent a letter to the editor. In her article she mostly focused on clear stamps and Ez mount stamps, though she did touch on other mounting options briefly. (They have all been covered in an earlier article several years ago.) I sent my letter because the person that was quoted in the article rufffled my feathers in how they talked about clear stamps and I came away feeling like they were saying that anyone that bought clear stamps was wasting money. This bothered me because as I had been cleaning and organizing I realized that a lot of my ez mounted stamps were sliding off the mount and leaving an exposed sticky mess that gots on my other stamps, my cd cases and my storage boards. To me this does not make an ideal mounting option if after several years time the product is going to break down. My other issue with this product is that in some instances it has had some sort of "reaction" with the cd case or dvd case that it was stored in, where the case gets clouded almost like its been "etched". I have noticed that some of the older stamps especially that this has happened with, that they do not adhere as well to the acrylic blocks if at all.

Well Nancie the editor at VSN wrote me back a very nice letter and said that she had forgotten about the sliding and that she was going to look into the cd case issue. She suggested that I contact Sunday International as she knew that they had a bad shipment of Ez mount at one time. I was skeptical because it has been years and I have no receipts for the product but I decided to contact them. Alicia wrote me back and asked how many sheets did I need, their product comes with a life time warranty! Now that left me very pleasantly shocked! I also noticed that on their web site they sell a sheet to go into your cd case that looks to be made of the same material that the storage boards are, so I suspect that others have had issues as well. I look forward to what Nancie finds out about them.

So in these two cases customer service far exceeded my expectations which taught me that you don't know till you ask!

Now I have another issues pending with Pazzles. I have a Pazzles Inspiration it came with a pen tool that allows you to put various size pens in it and write out font. I went to use it the other day and the threading on the nylon screw has gone bad. It doesn't hold unless you screw it in all the way which means you can't get a pen in there. So I contacted them to ask for a new screw as I couldn't find it as something you could just buy from them. The first letter I received was that we would have to start an "RMA" process to send back my "faulty pen tool" I wrote them back and explained again that it is just the nylon screw and that I want to get a replacement for it.

We will see if they live up to my new level of respect for customer service!......


  1. Hmmm...interesting, I've had this issue with some mounting foam leaving my cd cases "cloudy".

  2. I have the same problem with my cd cases and I've not been a year stamping (well, I've been "almost" a year. It will be by November that I started.

    I found out my gel pens have the same warranty with the manufacturer. They don't ask for receipts (I have 100 gel pens that my mom gave me a while back.


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