Friday, July 9, 2010

How About Some Sweets!!!!

I am LONG over due in offering up some candy and boy do I have a pile to offer! Since it’s too hot to be out in the gardens I’m in the process of cleaning up my studio and all these goodies are looking to be put to good use!
So here’s how it works.  Leave me a comment about how you spend your hot summer days and next Wednesday I’ll let the random generator chose someone to receive this blog candy!

Happy Stamping (and cleaning!)


  1. Holy Cow! You have been busy! I desperately need to clean my craft room, too, but I'm spending my hot summer days trying to create rather than clean. And staying indoors when the temps get to 100+. Can't wait to see your creations!

  2. We have spent the hot summer days doing some hiking early in the morn. (live in CO) then the afternoon, the kids love to lay around and read. I like to get in come creative time while sipping on refreshing lemon and cucumber water :-)

  3. I spend the hot summer days indoors with air conditioning stamping--what else would I do. Tee hee! Holy motherload candy give-away. Fun stuff!!

  4. oh my goodness! look at all those goodies! You have been busy and we're grateful for all the indexes!!! I love to stay inside and watch movies, read and craft on really hot days! I also, perversely, get in a baking mood! So - hot outside and hot inside. It's sick and wrong but it's what I do. :)

  5. Yummy blog candy! I spend my time either in the cool AC or at the water park with the boy child.... and stamping when I can!

  6. Hot summer days are typically spent poolside or at the beach! Gotta love southern California!!!Great giveaway!

  7. Hot summer days (mostly weekends) are spent with
    the family and friends at the lake with all our play toys, boat, paddle boat and windsurfers!!!

    Some of us hang at the picnic table with our stamp catalogs!!

    Looks like a lot of fun candy!!!

  8. We try to take the kids swimming often, either at a friend's pool or my folk's pond. They both love the water (as long as their face doesn't get wet!). I also try to get in a bit of creative stamping time when I can. This is usually after the kid's bedtime, though my six year old loves stamps, too, especially animal ones!


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