Monday, August 9, 2010

Frugal Frames…

So I was out shopping with my unbiological sister Astrid and we were looking at these pictures frames that have various things written on them.  I like them a lot and even bought a couple, one that had a friends quote, one that said ‘Family’ and a couple others.  Thing is sometimes I want the frame and the words to fit a specific picture, so what is a creative girl to do???

How about create her own!  Finding the frames was a little harder than I’d hoped because I was looking for a specific type and really didn’t want to pay retail prices for them.  I found some and have started ‘altering’ them to fit my whims..


My princess!!!  I think I’d still like to add a few paw prints here and there, but I didn’t have an ink that wanted to work with frame, so I may need some white craft paint, but it’s on the right track!


Seriously, this place is paradise (and I am SO ready to go back!) I love this picture and wanted it framed and out somewhere so I could look at it all the time.  The shells, rock and coral are actually some that I brought back from PSV and were small enough to fit on the frame, I like that it’s something I can touch as well as look at.

I’ve got more to play with, I bought rub on lettering, stickers and epoxy style stickers as well.  I have some ideas for frames for family pictures and a couple others.  I want to implement stamping into these also, but again, I’ll either have to sand the wood to rough it up a bit or use something other than ink.  In any event, I get to have fun creating frames that speak my words!

Happy Creating!!!

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