Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Embossing Folder Storage

I am always looking for a way to better organize my supplies.  I have a very bad habit of out of sight out of mind.  So if I put something away in a way that means I don’t see it, well I forget to use it!  Take for example the array of glitters, radiant pearls and other wonderful supplies that are tucked away very neatly into their respective cabinets.  I even have two large cabinets full of wood mounted stamps that I’ve neglected, because I reach for the clear and unmounted that sit on the shelves right above my work surface.  I am the type that groups her stamps by themes, puts all her markers together by color family, as well as all her paper.  For me, it means that when I want something I can put my hands right on it. 
So I have a growing collection of embossing folders, I love them but my means of storing them has left them in the cabinet inside of plastic clamshell cases.  The only rhyme and reason to them, Christmas was separate from all the others.  It hasn’t been working because each time I wanted to use one, I had to sit down and sort through them all. Plus, horror of horrors I actually bought duplicates!  I went in search of a new way to store my folders, something that would keep them at my fingertips and allow me to see what I have with ease.  I saw storage binders, I saw plastic boxes with dividers, I saw coupon organizers are being utilized for embossing folders but none of these was what I was looking for.  A few days passed and as is usually the case with me the brainstorm hit in the middle of the night.  I sat there in bed with this idea rolling around in my head and could hardly wait to get started.
I present to you the first incarnation of my folder storage book!  The idea is simple a book that I can sit on the shelf, flip through and visually see what folder I’m looking for and that I can label with the name of the folder! 
This is an inside view of the book, as you can see I run the paper that I used to create the pocket through the folder.  While you can’t see it from this angle, there is space on the side to write the name of the folders on!  This book has all of my holiday folders in it (the one’s that aren't Christmas) and I will be adding that information to the front cover.
Now like I said this was the first version and it has a minor design flaw (according to my husband) in that the embossing folders slightly peek out of the top of the book.
This is version 2, it has all of my Christmas folders in it.  It’s slightly bigger both in width and height though not by much.  I used Christmas paper on this one but it too will get a title on the front.  I liked the size of this but not the binding I decided I wanted to try yet another version.
On version 3 which has all the rest of my folders, I made the cover and back taller than the first two by half an inch and I ran the binding all the way down the side. It seems a little more sturdy to me like this, but I also used medium weight chipboard on this one. 
To form the pockets I took a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock and cut it in half.  I scored the half at 5 1/2” and ran that section through my Big Shot with the folder.  Next I used Scor Tape to adhere the bottom of the folder and the side to form a pocket.  This left about 1” of cardstock on the other side and hat is where I punched the holes for the binding.  The cover was made with chipboard cut 6 1/4” x 6 1/4” (those are the measurements for the version 3) and was just covered with random patterned papers.
All 3 fit perfectly on the shelf above where my Big Shot is stationed.  Now I can just reach up there and grab the book that I need and flip to the page I want.  Plus they are prettier to look at then plastic clamshell cases!

Till next time!


  1. So cute! I'm working on making an example book... but didn't think about making the example into an actual pocket to hold them too!

  2. This is fantastic Angie-thanks for the great system. I also forget to use stuff that is out of sight.

  3. These books are absolutely fantastic! I was really impressed with the way you put them together and how very easy it is to see what you have without the usual digging through the box.

  4. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Those are awesome! What did you use to bind them together?

  6. Love this idea. Might use a different binding method but am going to try this out.


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