Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking back…

I have several friends that have recently stated they want to learn how to make cards.  One friend jumped in straightaway, she bought some stuff she liked and just went for it.  At Christmas two years ago we (being me and my mom) gave my sister in law goodies to get her started, which included the basics as well as some books, she’s never done anything with any of it.  My third friend is brand spanking new to stamping and wants to learn, a friend of hers found out and generously gave her a box loaded with goodies!  Then my friend went out and bought some stuff and I loaned her a collection of books to help her get started.  She hasn’t started..yet, she’s feeling overwhelmed and who wouldn’t.  I know when I started I felt that way and there weren’t half as many options!
So in honor of my friends I thought I ‘d share a few of my earliest creations.  I’ve got them all or pretty much close to all of them saved.  It’s funny, I used to scan in my cards as I didn’t have a digital camera, when I started, I was still using film!  So if the cards are looking a bit flat, well that’s why!
First Faerie
I think I shared this before, but here it is the very first full card I ever made.  I was of course enamored with embossing powder and my heat gun.  My coloring choice, chalks, radiant pearls to make her wings sparkle and the corners were a simple heart punch.  I was so proud lol, but at the same time felt so much like a first grader!
Oh wow, the obsession with Versa Mark ink!  Yes I made a ton of cards with that one pad, every theme imaginable.  I loved that pad, hmm.. might have to revisit it!
Shadow Stamping Leaves
Shadow stamping and Hero Arts went hand in hand for a long time for me.  I’ve got flowers, leaves, butterflies you name it, I probably stamped it with those solid splotches of ink behind it.
daisydelightpurpledaisy delightThank You Daisy Delight
Enter The Angel Company.  After several years of stamping, I realized that the wood blocks were taking over and at a convention I learned of unmounted stamps and “Angel” polices.  I also learned about The Angel Company and I fell in love, not only with their philosophy but with their images.  It didn’t take much for me to sign on to be an independent demonstrator for them, that was over ten years ago!  I’ve stayed with TAC more because I love the ‘Angels’ that have become my friends and I still love their images!
My card making morphed over the years, things that didn’t change, I love layers, I love giving dimension to my cards. I love trying new techniques and took several classes and even an online workshop!
Stamping is a process, when you start you won’t like what you make, you’ll see the stuff other people create and think you won’t ever get there.  I’d love to tell you that feeling like that goes away lol, but I still feel that way when I see things that other stampers have created.  In the end, it’s a hobby that grows as you grow and you get to put your personal style on everything you make.

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  1. isn't it great to look back at how far you have come ... thanks for sharing!


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