Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As a card maker or paper crafter I bet you have a box, bag, folder, drawer or container of scrap paper somewhere in your stash. I bet that you look at that pile and try to figure out a way to organize it or use it or do something, anything with it.  I got tired of my scrap pile but can’t bring myself to just recycle it all, so I sat down and spent three days with my scraps.  I sorted them first by paper type patterned or plain and then by size.  The first thing I did was use the smaller pieces and punch, punch, punch!  I punched out circles, scalloped circles, ovals and scalloped ovals till I filled up a container!  I now have a stash right on my desk and can grab and add as needed.
Next up I cut squares and rectangles and in all sizes to use for layers and even to design card bases!
I made several of these for masculine based cards which I never have enough of!  A little image, a little sentiment maybe some manly embellishment and I’ve got a card!
I love this one, the browns and blues look so good together, a really nice base to spring off of.  I can see flowers or just a simple ribbon and sentiment on this one!
In addition to the card bases I made a couple of cards using the scraps that I had!  This is a super cute (and quick) St. Patty's Day card.  Made entirely from scraps of paper and a couple new stamps I got at Hobby Lobby!
More scraps, the circle, the scallop, the layers and even the white paper that I stamped the image on.  Did I mention I had way to many scraps!
Last but not least a plucky chicken on some wild (and some of my favorite) TAC papers!  This one is just so much fun, the colors just jump off and say Spring!!!!  I couldn’t decide which sentiment to use, so for now it’s just almost ready to go!
Inspired?  Go that scrap pile is calling you!  Go to it, work with it and see what wonders you can create from it.  Those pieces need love to and you might even surprise yourself!

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  1. These are GREAT! I really need to work with my scraps as they've multiplied to 3 buckets!

  2. WOW - awesome - what a project to tackle - love the cards you came u with using your scraps.

  3. Angie - you have done some excellent things with your scraps. I love, love, love your cards!!! the squares on the first are a stunning combo and the flowers - fabulous! I'm so going to steal that idea. :)


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