Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Images..

My darling Zoe had to have surgery and that means I’ve been house bound with her.  I’ll admit I’m going a bit nuts at this point because I have to stay on the first floor of our house, which is awful as it’s where most of our lives are spent.  I can’t however go up to my studio to do anything because she isn’t supposed to be going up and down steps or jumping up onto anything.  So I brought down some images that I had to color and started playing around with my Odorless Mineral Spirits and Prismacolor pencils, something I haven’t done in a long time!
Before I share the images a little lesson I learned is that laser printer ink is not necessarily friendly with OMS, so you might want to test before or be willing to touch up after!
Sans Designs had these eggs out as a Friday Freebie back in February and I love this image!  It just screams spring to me and the colors well, I tried to match the colors of the spring blooming flowers in my gardens.  The yellow for daffodils, the purple for violets, the pink is the hyacinth that smells so sweet!  How did I do?  I can’t wait to cut these out and make them a center piece of a card!!!
I haven’t colored very many realistic animals so this is a learning process for me.  I think I did pretty good on this bunny.  While I made him small enough to put on a card, he’s actually from a coloring page site!
I’m not sure if I’m finished with this one yet as I just don’t know if I like the shading.  The other thing is that on this one the laser ink bled a bit and that’s bugging me.  I’m not sure who created this image, I’ve been really good about saving my freebie digis with the name of the artist or the site I got the image from.  This one, well oops!  If you know who it is, let me know and I’ll give proper credit!
My final share is this other rabbit.
This guy is another coloring page find and again, more realistic than I am familiar with!  I didn’t blend as well with him as I would have liked.  I do like though that it looks more like fur and less like lines lol!  He needs some touching up, well they all do with a black pen to correct the places where the laser ink faded away.
Well that’s my big share for today!  I hope to eventually make these into cards, but that might not happen for a while with all my fur babies ailing!
Till next time….


  1. I too struggle with coloring animals - as in realistic animals - but you nailed the rabbits.

  2. Great coloring, Angie, my favorite is that first brown rabbit!

  3. wonderful colouring , love the images they are super cute


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