Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boxed Card

I read a lot of blogs and see so many great ideas.  One of my favorite stops is Beccy’s Place and recently she did a tutorial on boxed cards.  If you look around on her blog you can see a few of these and they are beautiful.  It was just one of those ideas that made me go wow!
A couple of notes for you on what I did and will do differently on the next one.  For starters I cut some strips using the same color as the box lid to cover the edges of the plastic on the inside lid.  You could even jazz it up more by adding a different color or a coordinating patterned paper.  I won’t be assembling the box top before I put the plastic in the next time.  I want to be sure to get my adhesive to the edge of the opening and working without the sides in place will be easier.
For the card, I loved the shaped card Beccy had made and it gave me the idea to do a pile of presents for this birthday card!  Various papers, ribbon and flowers were added to make each one look different.  You could do them all the same, you could paper piece or you could make one big tall gift, the possibilities are endless!!!
Flowers are all the rage right now and people are making beauties with punches, die cuts and desktop cutters.  Well, I went the thrifty route and dug out my box full of Prima’s and others.  I layered some, some just got a little rhinestone in the center, but they are everywhere! All the papers are from my TAC stash, which is a lot bigger than I realized! 
This was fun and something really different for me.  My goal is to start actually making all these projects that I’ve been saving for a rainy day.  It’s pouring this week, there’s no better time!

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