Friday, September 16, 2011

Copic Class, Coloring and a Card!

Well it has been a creative week for me!  I’ve got to admit that I’ve really missed spending time being creative.  It’s funny how getting away from something for too long can actually keep you from remembering how much you love it.  Hmm, might be a life lesson in there!
So after my Digital enlightenment I have to say reaching for the stamps has been very enjoyable.  Something about the ink and stamp in hand is just something I won’t ever part with.  I’ve found one digital artist that is very free with her creations Beccys Place and she will be my primary source of digitals for now.  I’ve contacted a few artist about their terms of use policies and if I get answer I’m looking for then I’ll be showing them off here too!
My Copic 101 class was fun and I learned a few things I didn’t know.  I also finally had the ah-ha! moment in understanding how the colors work together, what can I say I had to sit down with someone that could explain it clearly for me to get it lol!   So we basically just got information in 101 and played with some images that we stamped.  Please take into consideration the fact that the table was being bumped while I was attempting to color lol.  Or just chalk it up to the fact that I’m not one that ever does anything inside the lines Winking smile
This snowman is one of my all time favorite stamps so I took him with me.  I want to be able to color great snow people!  To me he’s ok, still not great so I’ll have to keep working on those.
It’s fall and that’s time for Halloween and other fall themed cards so I wanted to try out some pumpkins.  The instructor gave us a piece of Express cardstock to work on and yeah I fell in love..hard.  I’ve got to get some of that!!!
This was one of the stores stamps and I wanted something in a color that I wouldn’t normally use just so see how I’d do.  Blending greens is easier than reds but still not as easy as say blue!
Yesterday, I spent some time coloring some other images just for practice, it’s going to take a lot of practice lol!
I ‘think’ this image was stamped in Palette ink a while ago and so it surprised me to see it bleed some.  Mental note to myself that I should always be sure what ink I stamped with lol.  Other than minor bleeding of the red bow, she turned out kinda cute.  The flower looks better in real life but it too made me feel a little more competent..just a little lol..
Later I did a little test with some different papers that I already have.DSC_0007
The first paper is Georgia Pacific from Sam’s Club.  It blends nice but it’s a pretty thin paper and bleeds pretty well through, so when coloring on it, have another piece of scrap paper behind is important.  The second piece is something my friend Astrid she got it from her mom in law that works for a printing company.  I don’t know what it is, but I loved the texture, weight  and how it took the ink. The last paper I got for using with Prisma-pencils and gamsol, it’s super smooth, I mean like no tooth at all.  It didn’t take the ink well and it dried funky, sort of like it had a chalky look to it.  
If you’ve gotten this far…
Ta-da!  I finally got around to making an easel card and I got my directions from Beccys Place, her instructions are so super easy to follow!
It’s a pretty simple card and I can’t decide if I want to add something to it or not, I’ll ponder that along with the next creative mischief I’m getting into!
Till then…

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  1. don't think you need to add anything to your easel card--it's beautiful and perfect just as it is!



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