Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty in purple…plus!

I love all the seasons, I mean I really do, seeing the leaves change, seeing the first flush of spring green, the mixed greens of summer and of course the beauty that is a snow covered landscape…ahh…
So what’s up with this!
Purple snowflakes??  Yup and I love it, I mean really love it!  Now if I could just decide what to do with that big blank space lol..  I tried a ribbon but, nah it was too much, I tried a sentiment but well..I didn’t love it so I’m debating what to do, if anything to this card.  This is number 5 in the Christmas Cards All Year Round October challenge, where you make your Christmas cards using a die and in this case I used several different dies Halloween colors, (Orange, Black, Purple and Green)..
Speaking of green.. I found another mischief maker..
Same papers, same colors, just a different elf partaking of my favorite Christmas pastime, the shaking and squeezing of the gifts!!!  So does that make us naughty or nice lol!  Everything on him is the same as the other elf, the ribbon is just some from my stash!
Now stay tuned, some Pazzles projects may be coming soon…ohhh… lol!

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  1. Love your purple card and well done for 5 cards this month. Thanks for joining us @ CCAYR. x


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