Monday, November 7, 2011

Tri Fold Christmas…

So once I showed my mom this card, she wanted to make one (or a dozen) more.  So I showed her how and we spend some time playing with different papers and embellishments to create some cards. 
This one’s got a little of everything on the paper is so homey and old fashioned to me.  I love how traditional it looks, well…color wise at least.
Snow, I love snow!  I’m a Let it Snow, Snow, Snow kinda gal so I had fun with this winter card.  It’s all about the flakes and it just cools me to the core looking at it!
All the papers and embellishments are just from the local craft stores.  You know those giant paper stacks that have hundreds of pieces that you can’t ever figure out what to do with, but that you had to have lol.  The embellishments are just buttons and stickers and well anything sparkly that I’ve had stashed.  These cards are great for finally using stuff up!
If you ever have the time, you should give this card a try, it’s a lot of fun.  Check out Beccys Place for a great tutorial on them!
Happy Christmas stamping!

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