Friday, February 10, 2012


I’ve had my Pazzles Inspiration for quite sometime, maybe 5 years or so.  I was really into learning the software at one point and got away from it, well now I’m back into it.  I’ve been working through some marathon classes taught by by Klo over at Klo’s Craftroom.  I really can’t thank her enough for taking her time and sharing these classes for free!

The finished cards aren’t really the total reflection of what we are learning.  Yes I learned how to create shapes, titles and outlines.  I also learned about using the guidelines, cleaning paths and a whole bunch more!




This class was about taking an intricate font and making easier for the Pazzles to cut and let me tell you, I didn’t realize all the stuff that was going on with these fonts!  There are some crazy construction points and cutting directions.  That neat little border was made with the scissors feature, I see a ton of use for that in my future.

I’ve got the files ready for the next project, it’s using chipboard.  I got stumped on that on Thursday and I had some other projects that I had to take care of, that’s another post though!

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