Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOYWW.. #3

Right then, it’s that time again when I grab a cup of tea and sneak off to peep into other people’s crafting areas, their inner sanctums of creative!  I’m lead by Julia at The Stamping Ground on my voyeuristic journey.  It’s week three for me and I confess to being utterly addicted to it.
This week finds me in a bit of a holding pattern of sorts.  I should be in there working on my Spring time cards, I must create a birthday card for my mom as well.  Oh but that it were that easy the lure of gardening is pulling me ever so much and I spent some time out last week and have been pouring over my books and such planning and plotting my gardens future. So today you’re getting an all around peek at my space in general.
DSC_0001 From the door looking in you see my desk, all the things that I need at within easy reach and actually lol, this is quite cluttered for me at the moment!
DSC_0002 Above the desk are my shelves I’ve got all my unmounted stamps stored in Scraponizer cases, the bits of this and that in the tool sorter thingy on the end.  There is some paper there, the various baskets have ribbon, flowers and what nots.  There are card keepers on the end that house my cards that are ready to be sent off at a moments notice.
DSC_0003 My scanner and move shelves mostly decorative what nots on those.  Those cabinets the husband made and they house all my wood mounted stamps. 
DSC_0004 Another set of those cabinets these in the mini version.  Inks, glitters and paints are in these.  The pile of stuff in between is all stuff waiting to be altered.  The futon is where Zoe sleeps when I’m in here working away, it’s flanked by bookshelves, one side for crafting the other all gardening.
DSC_0005 Lastly my closet, a nice standing work surface all my dies and embossing folders are at hands reach.  The cabinets house everything from clay supplies to inks and reinkers, glues, coasters you name it.  The shelves on either side have more dies, my portable photo studio, my scrapbooking stuff and my sewing box. 
So kids that’s a quickie of what my workdesk and space look like today!  Now back to garden dreams and schemes, at least for the time being…I’ve really got to get back and make those cards!!!


  1. Still looking goos what a craftroom you must be thrilled.
    Hugs Elaine

  2. OOOhhh how I love your pine-clad workspace.
    xxx 125

  3. What a great room to craft in :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  4. OMgosh, I think you have an awesome craft room! wow..Spring always pulls us outdoors, thankfully ( in ways) I only have a balcony to maintain, too old for weed pulling! But I love my container flowers all the same! waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  5. You still have floor space- how I wish I did!. I like the idea of a standing up space, I often work at the ironing table as it is the right height, but far too small. #112

  6. What a lovely organised space! It must be a great place to get creative in. Kate 90 x

  7. Hello!

    I love your workspace - many great storage ideas! Wishing you a happy day today!


    Barbara Diane

  8. You've got a great space to create in! I am the exact opposite - I would procrastinate the gardening by playing with my paper! :) Tammy #118

  9. looks like a wonderful craft room. Enjoy. Thanks for the peek and have a great day

  10. Love your craft space its Fabulous, I want one just like it!!!!! love it, Have a super week, Hugs May x x x

  11. Hi Angie, lovely craft room but I can understand the lure of the garden at this time of the year, except, of course that today's not a good day, rain, hail and wind are not inviting :) Hope you've had a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #21

  12. What a superb craft space you have! Love it!

  13. o my giggle aunt! Love your crafty space! Have a great crafty week. Thank you for my snoop! Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) was #27 now #26

  14. What a super duper crafty space! Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW, it's now Friday & I'm still snooping! Zo xx 60

  15. I know the feeling. Hubby is wanting to get up to the lake and get the landscaping finished up there...I just want to get to the weeding and tidying at home first.
    Every time I think maybe we will tackle it this weekend, it either rains or snows!
    But I have accomplished a lot of gardening in plans in my head and on sketches!

  16. Oh your room is so warm and cozy! such a great room to play in! I just joined you blog.

    hop on over to my give away if you would like,


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