Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Humor…

First forgive the picture, it’s awful!  I realized as I was about to sign and stuff the envelope that I forgot to take a photo to share.  So I did and well sorry lol…

This card is for my brother in law, he always sends such snarky cards to my husband for his birthday, so I’m repaying the favor this time around!


The colors are actually brown, blue and a green but the light just didn’t hit it right with the flash and oh never mind lol! The golf ball looks so smug doesn’t it!  So the front reads..

“It’s Your Birthday” and “Cheer Up!”

Then on the inside, it says…


“You’re a year closer to playing from the senior tees!”

My postings will probably be sparse now that gardening season is here.  You can always see what mischief and insanity I’m up to out there on my other blog.  Life at Logs End

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  1. Cute card. I enlarged it so could see the details. I tell ya, I go for any senior discount I can get!!! Even though I'm only 53!


    PS Happy gardening.


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