Friday, June 15, 2012

Uh-oh a new hobby!

I for years (and years) have said I was going to scrapbook.  However when I’d sit down and look at a 12x12 page I’d go “err” get a block and quit.  Then picture taking went digital and I didn’t have printed pictures to lay on the pages and play with.  Add to this that what I want to scrap isn’t the typical stuff I’m into my gardening, my pets and the places we’ve been.  Those things aren’t your typical subjects (though pets gained status over the years).  So I just never got going on it and my pictures both printed and digital sat, not being looked at by anyone.
Last week I had some free time and decided I was GOING to start my garden scrapbook.  I got my book, pictures and what not together and sat down.  I thought hmm, I need some help here, so I went online and Googled Garden Scrapbooks and looked at examples of pages.  Well, one thing lead to another and somewhere along that tangled web of the net I managed to find information on digital scrapbooking, a video actually using templates in Photoshop Elements. I watched it three times thinking there is no way it can be that easy.
BUT IT IS!  The proof is in the pages right?
First DigiScrap Layout
Pond LO2 2pg
They aren’t heavily embellished as I want the pictures and the journaling to be the focus of the pages, but I think they turned out pretty cool.  I even found a place online that for a very reasonable price will print out my pages.  Looks like I’m finally going to get that scrapbooking done!  I LOVE that I can do this while sitting in the living room, the husband can watch TV and I can scrap.  No hauling stuff out, no glue, no need for the dinning room table to be covered, I’m loving this, did I mention that already lol..


  1. They are fab! I never used to Scrapbook but since I got my Serif Craft Artist Pro I've done a few digital pages. Great fun and highly addictive! Zo xx

  2. Stunning top spread. Very impressive. Good for you. I must admit I'm the other way around. The papers don't scare me but the digiscrapping totally freaks me out!!


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