Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WOW! A WOYWW!!!! #13

I know, I know, but the stories of my disappearance have been greatly exaggerated.  I wasn’t lost in my pile of stamping supplies, I didn’t get possessed by a digi demon and no the weeds did not (much to their best efforts otherwise) over come me.  I’ve just been a little bee, busily working on all manner of things and not all could be displayed on my workdesk, though, technically I suspect that since some of it was being ‘done’ on the desk I could have shared it.  I’ll get to that a bit later, though as it’s a certain kind of person that will find it of interest.
Today is a simple birthday card for my husbands, grandmothers birthday on Thursday.  I’ve made precisely 2 cards in the last 2 months (tsk, tsk) the other I gave before realizing I’d not taken a picture of it. (double tsk, tsk).  Ahh, well the weather she is returning to cooler temperatures and that means more indoor time.  Plus that means holidays (not sure what those on the other side of the pond call what Americans call holidays because I know their holidays are vacations..hmmm..sorry haven’t had my coffee yet…)  In any event, Halloween (one of my favorite!) and Thanksgiving are right around the corner which means I’ve got to get on the broom…er stick and get cackling..oh cracking.. on some cards! 
So as not to get popped with the you’ve talked to much stick by Miss Julia from The Stamping Ground (which is the hostess with the mostest for WOYWW) my desk has been littered with the remains of my past…to sum it up in one word..Genealogy…
Till next time Winking smile


  1. Fab card - bright and cheery. x Jo

  2. fab card,thanks for sharing :)
    happy woyww
    kay #56

  3. Welcome back to blogging! LOL! The card is cute! Your hubby's grandma should love it! And glad you had a vacation! Sounds just wonderful!
    Carol N.

  4. Sweet card! Here in Canada we also refer to vacation as holidays but also call the holidays the same! 118 on WOYWW

  5. Cute birthday card. Brigita #116


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