Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Letter To Digital Scrapbooking Designers..

First and foremost, thank you!  Thank you for sharing (sometimes freely) your talent and creativity with me.  While I am brand new to digital scrapbooking I’ve been creating for most of my life and I know the time and effort that it takes.  Your beautiful products are allowing me to create beautiful pages and for that I’m very, very grateful because finally my pictures are getting to tell a story!

Being that I am new to all of this, sorting through kits, elements and papers takes me a little longer.  I like to be organized in every aspect of my life and digital scrapbooking is no different.  So in my newness I’ve come across a few things that I think should be improved upon to make digital scrapbooking easier.

Please put your name on your kits, the elements, the papers, the brushes all of it.  When I’m digi scrapping I’m looking for certain stuff just like I would be if I was making a card.  So when I grab a button, a ribbon and a digital paper from my collection if your name isn’t on your stuff how am I supposed to give you proper credit?  I try to be through with putting all my supplies into folders with the name of the store that I bought it from and the name of the designer and the kit name.  However there have been times when I got something for free or bought several things at once and when I opened them, it was random names, button1, or bow2.   This is even more important in collaboration kits because you could get 10 different artist that made a button and not a name to spare.  I love what you are doing to make my life easier, let me help you by being able to give you credit!

Please don’t include 5 different binkies. If I get something from you and I love your stuff I’m going to link to it, if I am madly in love I’ll come to your website and get your blinky from there.  Having all those extras in when I’m trying to tag my supplies doubles the amount of time it takes me which means less time for scrapping, which means less time for me to fall in love with your stuff.

Please, please, please, don’t include a .jpg of every single kit you have available!  I just spent over an hour cleaning a ton of those out of my organizer. A preview of the one I bought is all I need and in all honesty including that many is going to make me not want to buy anything else from you because I know how long it’s going to take me to sort.  I love sample pages though, so please don’t stop including those!

Now being that I am new to all of this there may very well be a great reason for including all the .png files with layered templates.  Now if there is I don’t know what it is lol, what I do know is that I had hundreds upon hundreds of pieces that I had to get out of my organizer.  If they are something that some more advanced digital scrappers want is there anyway to put them in their own folder for downloading?  That way when I get the templates I can leave those pieces in there until I get to the advanced stage where I might need them?

I’m read the TOU’s when I get a kit and I don’t mind them being in there at all, especially when they are in .jpg format and are easy to read (even more when you get a coupon code BONUS!) but I don’t need 3 copies, 1 .jpg, 1 adobe and 1 text file.  Just one’s plenty.

Finally, I understand that digital piracy is something that is very much a problem on the internet these days.  I understand many feel the need to include their stance on it that’s fine but again, anything more than 1 is over kill.  I opened a kit today that had 4 of those things in there. Seriously? 

So there you have it from a newbie digi scrapper who’s trying to learn this great hobby and do the right thing by the designers, help a sister out and make life a little easier for me so I can keep shopping and scrapping!

Thanks! Winking smile


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