Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Trains.?.!!!

I know, I know it’s feast or famine around here and I’m suspect that some of you are shaking your head at the barrage of updates from me. Hey I’ve said all along my creative time runs in cycles with the weather (and life) sometimes I’m all in, sometimes I’m all out, sometimes I’m somewhere in between.  Right now I’m all in, mostly lol as the holidays get closer my time focuses on gifts and creating.  This in turn means more time spent reading blogs and looking for gift ideas, which today lead me to a “blog train”.
Now I’ve heard of blog hops, I took part in some but I’d never heard the term train.  Imagine my delight at finding at that this particular blog train was taking me to digital scrap designers that were giving away free goodies!  It started for me at Studio Linda Renee's and while chugging along I came across this one at Dreamy Nest Designs.  Now after that I found this site The Blog Train Blog and then this one O’Scrap Blog Train Blog these super talented designers are sharing free kits, papers, elements, templates and more.  I tried to say thank you to everyone that I got something from but with those stupid CAPTCHA on I missed several.  So THANK YOU!  So much to anyone I didn’t say thanks too, your generosity is much appreciated!  Now back to riding the rails!

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  1. Hi, Angie- I know what you mean about reading lots of blogs lately. I have started a new one to share my stamping:
    and I have been looking at blogs with a critical eye. I love, love, love your leaves in your banner. Your blog has always been one of the few that I follow by email. Thanks for blogging.


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