Tuesday, October 9, 2012

December Daily’s !?!?!?!?!?!????

Ok soooo, I’m just getting into the whole digital scrapbooking and I love, love, love it!  (Did I mention how much I really love it lol?) Well in reading blogs for WOYWW I came across the mention of a December Daily and she had all these lovely papers, embellishments and sparkly goodies and they weren’t digital items they were traditional scrapbooking supplies.  So I asked her about it and she told me what it was and gave me a few links to check out.  In a nutshell, December Daily is a scrapbook/journal just for the month of December with as much or as little on each day that you want.  Some people make one a year, others make one and add to it each year.  Some include nothing but Christmas related items, others document everything including going to the post office and cleaning!  I think it provides a great opportunity to focus on the moments in December that otherwise get pushed aside and I think it’s a great idea, now how do I do it? 
Since I have been traditional scrapbooking challenged in the past I’m not 100% sure.  I was thinking that I’d buy a kit Ali Edwards the one that seems to have made this popular offered one but the price tag was WAY to high for me especially since I couldn’t see everything that was going to be in it.  I searched online for others but wasn’t seeing anything that really struck me until I came across Citrus Twist peeks are all that are currently offered but the price range is in the $30 which is much more reasonable.  Now what size, I thought about 12x12 because I love pictures being the focus of my pages but, that’s a lot of space so I was searching for ideas, you can see the fruits of that on my Pinterest Board.  I was reading the comments on Citrus Twist and she suggested a 6x8 book made by Simple Stories so I went and looked it up.  That seems like a more workable size for me and I really like the papers and accessories that they have to go with their product lines, plus again prices are reasonable.
My idea was to combine digital scrapping and traditional for a hybrid December Daily for this year.  Is that what I’m going to end up with?  I don’t know lol, only time will tell.  I do know that I’ll be placing my order for my album and some page protectors so that I can get started on page designs.  I think pre-making some of the pages for stuff that I know I’ll want to record will help keep me on track.  I also found this blog Journal Your Christmas and am hoping that she is doing this again this year, it too may be a really big help in keeping me motivated and from feeling like I’m too far out of my comfort zone with this project!
Hopefully, this is the first post of many about my journey through December!


  1. Is that thru consultants? I love their product too but I couldn't find any website except the main one and they just kept telling me my password didn't match my email address. They might be confused because 4 years ago I was signed up as a consultant with them. I must still be in their system, somehow preventing me from being a customer.

  2. Simple stories I found at Amazon and Scrapbook.com if that is who you are talking about ;)

  3. Angie, I originally began stamping as a way to embellish scrapbook pages, but never could get the hang of scrap booking. Other than an occasional mini-album, no scrap booking was done. I did buy a book on digital scrapbooks...I should find that and read it! Do you print out your pages at home or bring them to office max kind of place? Do not get me hooked on another crafting hobby, please.

    1. I can't make any promises that if you start you won't get hooked! I used http://www.scrappingsimply.com/12x12-prints/ to get my first pages printed. They have great prices and a sale once a year that makes the 12x12 print outs like .99 each. I've found that using templates for the digital scrapbook pages are a huge blessing and there are TONS of them online to chose from. You can even get Quick Pages which are pages (or even albums!) already done all you do is drop in your pictures. There are also several digital scrapbooking software programs available. I've played with all of them but because I was already familiar with Photo Shop Elements I just stuck with that.


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