Thursday, October 4, 2012

Glue Review

As a paper crafter I’m always looking for the ‘best’ glue.  I’ve got loads of them too let me tell you, probably a box full.  Well I kept hearing the rave reviews of Zip Dry and how it was so strong and people loved it and well hey I’m easily convinced to try something new, so I bought a bottle.
So in the name of sharing information, I thought I’d give everyone a little review of my own.  These are things I would have liked to have known prior to purchasing.
Does it hold paper? Yes it seems to do that quite well and I like that it doesn’t seep through the paper either.
Does it have an odor? Oh yes it does.  It isn’t going to give you a headache (unless you are uber sensitive) but it has that lovely chemically smell and I don’t like that.  I don’t want to smell things like that when I’m crafting.  For the record my ceiling fan is on high and I still could smell it, not over powering but it was there.
Does the tip clog easily. Yes it does.  Now this is a sticking point for me (no pun intended) because I hate having to constantly reach for a pin to unclog a tip while I’m creating.  I don’t mass produce so I don’t lay out ten things to glue at once, I glue as I go and having a tip that clogs as quickly as this does really makes me not want to use it.  It comes with that red tip you see in the picture (that’s actually the cap that covers the tip) and a white cap it says to use for storage.
Does it dry fast? Well in the tip it’s darn quick lol, the label says 5-10 minutes depending on amount of glue applied.  I do like that it’s a gel and that it gives me ‘slide’ time. You know the ability to move your layer around to get it just where you want it.  There is nothing more frustrating to me when my layer isn’t quite right and the adhesive de jour has stuck so firmly that it won’t budge.
Is it flammable? Label reads EXTREMELY.'
Would I buy it again? Nope.  I’m still a fan of Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear glue.  Yes it’s a little wetter, but I like it better lol!

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  1. Oh I know what you mean. I also had to try it after having so many people rave about it. Don't care for it either. I like the designer dries clear glue as well. I think I first used it with TAC when they sold it. Can't get it easily here though, so I started using Scotch Quick-Dry and I like it just fine.


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