Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holiday Card Workshop 2012

I’m sort of ahead of the Christmas card rush this year for a couple of reasons but I still have special cards to make for special people.  I am however dragging my backside on getting that going this year and since it inspired me last year I decided to partake again this year.  What is ‘it’ that I’m talking about you ask??

The Holiday Card Workshop Online!

I didn’t get to all the days last year, (HCW 2011) but I got most of them and some neat cards came out of it!  I’m hoping for the same inspiration this year too. Last year I skipped the shopping spree for supplies and used what I had on hand, I’m doing that again this year.  I did buy one stamp set because I love it and plan on making my husbands Christmas card with it!

So if you are in need inspiration, a kick in the rear to get it in gear or just like learning new stuff sign up, play along and get ready for Christmas!!!

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  1. I signed on today and got my sister to do so as well. Great idea!


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