Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday Card Workshop Day 1…

Talk about a stress post!  Currently I’m watching the trees that surround my house dance in the PRE-winds of Sandy’s arrival.  The power has flickered several times so my goal was to get this out there before it went out, because it isn’t a matter of if for us, it’s just when.  Add to that the fact that my neck has a ‘crick’ in it, for those that aren’t of a persuasion that understands that term, it means that my neck is currently causing me so much discomfort that I actually snapped at my best gal pal Kathy, to whom I am deeply sorry for doing so.  This sort of pain in the neck just makes me tired and cranky and I can’t even get in the hot tub to soak as I might end up conked on the head with a tree limb!  Ugh..
Ok, enough of that, here are my samples from today.
Memory Frame  & HCW1 002
I used a stack of packages stamp from Impression Obsession and my colored pencils.  I forget how much I love working with them till I do and then it’s like and I got Copics again why??  No I love my Copics but the years I spent learning (good grief that wind is distracting!) how to color with my pencils just makes them sooo easy for me to use.  So in case you’re thinking that’s a tiny card, one of today’s videos (blink on the power type faster) was on these note cards which are 3x3 she showed an envelope too but I wanted to put the card up, I’ll show the envy later!  The first image I colored and attempted to doing the sewing on didn't go as planned, thus the cut out packages lol.  I decided to skip sewing all together for number two.

 The other video has great tips for mass producing Christmas cards and if you know me, you know that I just can’t do that.  I know she said you could give them as gift sets but still I can’t ever make that many things all the same.  I don’t know why, I just can’t, so don’t expect to see that from me anytime soon lol!

Ok I’ve got to scoot, I need to gather supplies and get ready to entertain myself when the power goes out!  Stay safe and dry friends, blessings to all in areas that are dealing with Mom Natures wrath in her many forms today and for the next few days!!!


  1. Our wind really hasn't started in Maine yet!
    Love your stack of presents. So glad to see the use of colored pencils. I haven't gotten into copics yet. Really nice job!

  2. Your gift cards are so cute! I agree, I can't seem to make tons of any one card, too many ideas to be tried, I guess. I need to go look for another video, I only saw one. Be safe!

  3. I am enrolled in the Holiday Workshop, too. Great ideas, well worth the cost. I liked better the full size card someone put in the gallery using the same owl set. I have a hard time making those little 3x3 gift cards...guess I don't give enough gifts to use them! I feel the same way about coloring with my pencils and making the same card in mass. Did you see my blog posts this week with 9 different cards but same paper? Maybe it's my ADD?


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