Friday, October 5, 2012


If you’re new to paper crafting be prepared because it will happen to you, if you’ve been playing for paper for a while I’m betting it already has…the scrap pile!  All those bits and pieces that you just can’t recycle because you are certain they are going to be good for something..someday.  Then the next thing you know you’ve got a drawer, a bin, a box or a file folder (or even cabinet) full of scraps.  You swear you are going to use them, you plan to but yet you always go for a new sheet because well, the color you needed wasn’t there or they aren’t organized so…  yeah, yeah I know!

I’ve tried to organize my scraps, I’ve given up lol, it’s pointless they are like wire hangers toss them into anything together and they breed.  I’m sure of it!  So my scraps have been in a storage box and I decided it was time to sort and use!


I started the process by separating all the white and cream from everything else.001

As seen here, I had some assistance as I attempted to put the printed and solid pieces back into the bin, perhaps she didn’t like my method?


Ah, well perhaps she just has a fondness for paper like I do?  In any event after managing to get the paper sorted I started making cards with what I’ve got.  I’m not using a single new piece of paper for any of them! 

Now I know you are so excited to see the cards, but friends…that’s another post!


  1. Love your cat pics! Why do cats always look like they own the place,lol.

  2. Ally is sure she owns everything in my craft room!


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