Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Even I your ever organized creative friend falls behind now and then..
WOYWW 001 I started this project um..years ago.  Yes I’m embarrassed to say that, but it’s almost done now!
WOYWW 003 What is it you ask?  Well it’s a rolodex file box that is full of stamping techniques (which I’m sure I could add another 100 to now lol).  You know all those things that you learn, see or want to try and squirrel away for a rainy day?  The ones that you think are really cool and then can’t remember where they are?  The ones that in my case were over 200 documents on my computer!  Yes well now they are all going into my box!
WOYWW 002  Now they are all at my fingertips and when my friend says teach me something, I can whip out the box and say, what do you want to do today, chalk popping, faux leather, bleached surprise???
If you are wondering why in the world I’m telling this to the world, go over to the Stamping Ground where all the crazy creative people gather on Wednesdays to share their working areas and projects!


  1. What a great idea, time consuming but fab all the same. Take care Zo xx 78

  2. Hi I bought one of those about a year ago to do the same sort of thing, still haven't got around to starting it though!Have a great Wednesday, Hugs Shaz #96

  3. Brilliant idea having all those crafting tips to hand , how clever . Jill #51

  4. Gosh what a tidy desk and such organisation. I have tips, projects etc scribbled and tucked away all over the place. Need to get organised like you :-) Anne x #136

  5. Very organised work space - mine is a tip! happy woyww jenx 139

  6. An organised Rolodex - that is a real achievement. A bit like putting all those years' worth of photos in an album instead of being stuffed in a drawer...*cough*, a bit like mine then!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 56 xx

  7. Yeah I do a lot of "great technique I'll have to try that" and then promptly forget about it too! That's going to be an amazing resource too. The desk is still way too tidy though! Yep, that's a stamp/die set on my desk, it's made by Hero Arts for Archiver's, they have another really cute one with Christmas Stockings and I couldn't decide at first but though the Trees might be more versatile..

    Brenda 3

  8. That a great idea to organize your techniques like that.
    I do my stamps in a similar way...stamp them all off and organize them by theme...
    You asked about my gardening paper...you may not like the answer.

    I bought it at a dollar store while we were away for the weekend just before my surgery (translation...bought it about 4 weeks ago)

    They had lots of it left:)

    I have sliced off the bottom strip with the specific info you need and it has gone into the recycle and been hauled away...drat! There is part of one strip still in my scrapbook room recycle can. It says "Forever in Time Scrapbook Collection Glitter Cardstock Double-Sided 12 in x 12 in Acid and Lignin Free" and then I don't have the rest of that strip! I think it was called Spring Garden.
    I bought it at:
    Your Dollar Store With More
    Tsain Ko Village Shopping Centre Unit 309
    They are about 3 12 hours from me: and an expensive ferry ride to boot:(
    I called them and because I don't have the upc he can't try to order it in and says that they are out of it. But he didn't seem gone from the phone long enough to have really looked.
    He told me that they sell 1500 to 2000 sheets of scrapbook paper a month...who would have known!!!
    I do have a friend there up in Madiera Park (about 40 min away). I will ask her to pop in there and look herself. I will get her to look on my blog to see what the paper looks like before she goes.
    Sorry for the bad news...

  9. PS If I had bought a few sheets, I would send you some, but I only bought 1 of each sheet as I knew I was going to make cards for the garden club raffle, so I just bought enough!

    1. Thanks for the info none the less! That would be a bit of a hike for me too! At least now I know to check my dollar stores for paper who knew indeed!

  10. That is so funny, I have a rolodex waiting to be filled with techniques--do you ever do the techniques directly on the card, to have a visual for reference?

    #137 this week

    1. The intent is there to do that, lol I've just never gotten around to it!

  11. You have achieved alot with that rolodex even if it took years
    Bridget #21

  12. Wow! That is an awesome idea! Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh #11

  13. It would take me way more than just a year, so I think you've done a great job in getting back to it at all to be honest! Such a good idea too.


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