Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something different…

So I took a break from card creating today to finish another Christmas project I’ve been working on..
memory frame 001
I saw these last year at a stamp store and thought they were really neat.  I’ve seen them decorated for all sorts of themes, but I wanted to do one for Christmas seeing as how I LOVE Christmas!  The openings made the pictures a challenge to say the least but I finally got it figured out.  That’s me and the husband in the middle, a picture of him as a little guy and a picture of me as a tot, I loved that doll!!! 
Now this one…
Memory Frame  & HCW1 001
It was created by my gal pal Kathy when she came over last week.  She saw what I was going to do and decided she wanted to try her hand at it.  Both frames came from Hobby Lobby but hers had all the same size openings, which she was very glad of!  I love them both!  She liked it so much she got another one to decorate and said it might be a gift.  I want another one to do in a snow theme, paint it white, and do all things flakey!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!


  1. I have an old printers drawer that I have been meaning to do something with...thanks for the inspiration. None of those images had stamping on it?

    1. Nope, no stamping! You certainly could and color if you wanted but I have so many doo-dads and bits they needed some love too!


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