Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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What’s on my desks, yes that would be plural!  My wrapping table, which still has gifts to be wrapped on it, has been grabbed today so that I can work on my December Daily pages. (You know the ones that I had planned to do a head of time!) I thankfully found a life saver for helping me scale it down, Scrap Inspired.  She’s a flipping genius, make all the journal pages and number pages and then just add pictures!  SO today I’m doing what I want to do and nothing else.
I’m quite unhappy right now as it’s been in the 60 and 70 degree range and that for me is not Christmas conducive.  So I’m listening to classical music and working on number and journal pages. So there!
Now head off to see Julia at the Stamping Ground and all the other incredibly creative exhibitionist out there!


  1. 1 desk is definitely not enough!!! I have my desk, friend's/son's desk, sewing desk and cutting desk!! Not very big desks but definitely separate ones! Lots of interesting things happening on yours including your "helper""
    Happy WOYWW

  2. Enjoy your December Daily project! Happy WOYWW!!

    #11 Apryl

  3. I have 2 desks & would need 3 to hold all my stuff...if only I had room! Your cat looks to have things completely under control! LOL
    Hugs, Renee #103

  4. Love the shot of your cat looking at the camera. It looks like an old fashioned marketing Ad for your work! Keep up the great work, all the best:) Lucy #18 x

  5. I adore your kitty. Love the coloring on him. I so miss having a cat. Right now I have two dogs. It's been the same weather here in GA. Whereabouts do you live? I see what looks like the woods outside your room there. And I see your Michelle Perkett and Beccy's Place links. I am on the DT for Sparkle n Sprinkle and they carry both of them. Just added Beccy's Place. She has some pretty digi's. Brigita #98

  6. Love that first shot! It looks like your cat is checking out the album open there! lol Its funny about your wokspaces...I have two in my craft cave but still have to set an extra one up when I want to make jewelry, as seen in last weeks WOYWW post, but I also have a completely separate one for sewing in the living room in a wardrobe like cabinet...I outgrew my craft cave! lol :) Thanks for sharing your desks this week and congrats on being so productive. Deeyll #122


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