Thursday, January 24, 2013

Decorating a Journal

Step one take an ugly cheap book that you bought on clearance and turn it into something else.. 
Sounds easy.
So the first sheet of handmade paper I tried to use, a pretty cream I tore too short.  Moved onto the green.  Got that torn and positioned and decided that spray adhesive was my best bet for keeping the paper on the journal since it’s cover was sort of slippery.  Yeah that stuff stinks to high heaven, ugh!  After I got the journal covered I used some Tim Holtz metal corner thingys to make it look cool lol!
journal 002
Now I can’t decide how to decorate the front.
journal 002
I spent a ridiculous amount of time making this circle thing out of some stiff twine stuff, but..I don’t love it.
I thought with the leaves under it I’d like it better.
journal 002
Not so much..
So this is what I’ve got right now,
journal 002
But nothing is attached. Any thoughts???

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