Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Workdesk Wednesday for 2013! #22

First welcome to 2013!  It is a long standing tradition for me, that when the New Year comes I get the “It-is-time-to-clean-out-everything” bug and I usually start with my crafting space and…this year is no different..
So here is where I had started pulling stuff from all over and piling it about.  Here’s my ‘thing’, I hate having stuff that I don’t use and I hate forgetting that I have stuff that I’m not using. So I go digging it all out and sorting through and changing it about so that I now have stuff that hasn’t been used in a while close at hand so that I will use it!  Ingenious right, or nuts depending on who you ask.
By dark it looked like this a little improved, I also decided to undertake an absolutely ridiculous task, she the basket and the bin on the desk there?  Here’s a closer look;
My ‘plan’ is to sort them all by color and put them in those lovely antique mason jars.  How far I get on that, well we will see.
In any case if you’d like to see more detailed pictures of the dismantle and reassemble pop back by later as I’ll share them in another post!  If you are reading this going, why is she talking about this stuff?  Go over to the Stamping Ground and check out all the other brave souls that expose their inner working areas each week!


  1. Good luck with the sort out, I tend to do the same! Happy New Year to you! Here's hoping that 2013 is a super year for us all. Take care Zo xx 69

  2. When I start a sort out, I get so far, make a right mess - and then get fed up! So good luck.... I'll be doing one n spirit! Helen, #4

  3. I'm doing the same - my wood mounted stamps are all in clear drawers now so I can see and get to them, also getting rid of some that I know I won't use any more! Looking forward to seeing the results of your sortout!!
    Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW

  4. Fabulous sort out.
    Elaine #30

  5. Ingenious for sure. The idea of putting the long seen stuff on top makes perfect sense to me. Nuts for sure..going to the both of colour sorting the flowers!! They'll look gorgeous in the jars, just not a job I could quite get around to!!

  6. I think I shall be following Shaz Silverwolf's example and remove all my wood mounted stamps from their wood. They take up too much room as they are. Apart from that, I need to put away all the stuff I scattered in the run up before Christmas, and find my foiling kit. I love your little helper, sitting there on guard. Have a very Happy New Year. xx Maggie #45

  7. Good luck with your sorting. The new year seems to bring out the organizing in all of us. :-) Cute kitty, too.
    April #133

  8. It wll be so worth it to sort them. I have mine sorted now and I have many flower filled cards pinned to try this year. I am going to try to use my stash as much as possible so like you, organizing the stash will really improve the chances of fulfilling this resolution!!!

    Good luck with the sorting project!


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