Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Greetings one and all..One day, I will be crafting something, I’m sure of it!  Today however finds something odd on my desk.
A camera bag and a big brown purse. Hmmm.. Wait a minute I never carry big bags, I loathe them, I get lost in them so why would I have this monster?
Because said brown bag (bought on clearance I must add) is now my camera purse!  I have been coveting a camera purse, my camera bag just doesn’t have enough pockets to be a purse and a camera bag AND I don’t like to carry a purse separately.  Official camera purses are expensive but buying a bag insert and putting into a well pocketed monster bag wasn’t!  I spent about $50 total, which is 75% less than the least expensive purse I liked.  I’ve still got to fuss around with the insert pockets to get them just right but I’m thrilled.
Now scoot on to the Stamping Ground and find someone that is actually doing something exciting! 


  1. Have fun altering your bag to suit your needs....its sure to be much better than anything you could buy.


  2. nothing like changing things to suit you; i can never find what i want in the shops
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  3. Okay,I need one of these stuff right NOW! lol
    I, too, hate carrying a purse and a camera bag. Love what you've done here!
    Happy WOYWW from Egypt. xx
    Roudi #115

  4. Hmm, not sure if my comment posted or not.
    Nice bag - mine is a big chunky thing, this is much more elegant and stylish!
    Happy WOYWW
    Laura 92

  5. What a great idea I will have to show this to my daughter as she takes her camera everywhere.
    Ria #114

  6. Fab bags! Great things on your desk too. Take care Zo xx 80

  7. What a great idea; although, I must say the bigger the purse the better as far as I'm concerned. I've actually used diaper bags as a purse - they come in cute styles and they have all kinds of pockets.
    April #141

  8. Preachingto the choir gal...I'm alright with one bag but so do not want to carry two..or pay ridiculous I'd say this is the BEST remedy, well done you!

  9. I like this!!!
    I will be buying a new big girl camera in a few months. When I post pictures of it on my desk, remind me of this post. LOL

    Sorry I am 2 days late getting to your blog. I have been battling a nasty flu bug.
    Lori #84

    1. Oh hope you feel better Lori! When I see your post about your camera I'll remind you ;)

  10. Great idea to make it custom that why it will do exactly what you want - I am not sharing a desk as away from home looking after my friends cattery but enjoying having a good look around everyone else's desk


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