Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ahh, that’s much better, there see I can see my breath!  My cheeks are rosy, my nose is cold and I need a winter coat, yes now I’m feeling all nesty and home decorating-ish..

Maybe with the coming of the cold artic blast I’ve finally lost my mind but I’ve got big plans and I think some of those big plans are the fault of my fellow WOYWWers!  You lot have put into my head that I can do all sorts of crafty stuff, I’ll get to that in a second though.

woyww 005

It occurred to me that I’d neglected to share the goodies that I got for Christmas or that I bought on clearance after Christmas lol! So those two wooden stamps and that ornament set I spent $2 on!  The Tim Holtz Santa set, the bee stamps (I’m totally on the search for honeybee stamps!) and embossing folders and the corner doo-hicky for my Scor pal were all gifts.  I also got the Tim Holtz Holiday inks with refills and a fab wood mounted Santa stamp from my gal pal but I’ve already put those away Winking smile

Now back there in the corner is a big fat blank journal and some handmade paper, I’m about to attempt to alter said journal into something much prettier! Wish me luck!  AND.. because so many of you are so incredibly talented I’ve decided to try and make some lovely, somewhat magical window scarves for my room here, which means I’ll be getting out the sewing machine! Yikes! Depending on how that goes I may move on to other rooms. Double Yikes!! I also am feeling so incredibly motivated I’ve ordered up a couple books on candle making (I’m a researcher) because I’ve got a burning desire (*snort) to give that a go.  I’m so tired of candles not smelling like I want them to smell, figure I’ve got a better chance of achieving that if I DIY!

Oh and to close this crazy post before the lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground, lashes me with wet noodles, this is my 25 WOYWW post!  I’m going to do better this year I promise, er hope!  Now go forth and frolic!


  1. Honey Bee Stamps? I love bee things too! Looks like you are set up for some serious creating! Thanks for sharing. dix---

  2. You did great...That's how I know it's Thursday...somehow your posts don't show up until the day after you post,lol. Glad you are feeling energetic!

  3. Wow some great stash from Christmas I am sure you will have some fun using all of them and I hope share your makes with us
    Ria #92

  4. Listen.... do you hear it? It's your new "toys" calling out to you.... "Let's Play!" LOL! Great looking stash!
    Carol N #115


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