Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I’m late, I’m late for my WOYWW date!!!  Not really because it is after all still Wednesday!  So what does one find on my desk today?
woyww26 001
A lot of not much!  There’s my altered part of the way journal, still haven’t figured out a cover design.  I did use that old paper distress ink to distress the edges of it to make it look ‘older’.  My favorite tapes are there, Sookwang, have you used that stuff?  It would hold just about anything down forever, love it.
A selection of freshly charged crystals and an amber pyramid.  Odd to some, maybe not all.  I ‘m all about energy and how it impacts you and well I use those crystals as a sort of helper in my creative (and other) endeavors when I’m feeling a bit drained and befuddled.  As for the charging, they get to bask in some wonderful sunshine every so often to keep them radiating the good energy!
Now off you go to see Julia over at The Stamping Ground for I am sure she has something fab going on and I myself am headed there now!


  1. Very organized! I don't know about crystals, but I love my ott light :) It's almost like working in sunshine!

    Katie (133)

  2. I would love to see some pages of your altered journal! I used to do that- love finding random words in the page.

  3. You are a very interesting friend....crystals and pyramids....why did this not ever come to light when we were stamping at seminar? Anyway...your desk is too empty....get to work,lol!

    1. I don't know, no one every asked where my creative sparks came from lol!

  4. Love your setup. I haven't started journaling yet, but do have a brand new journal. Now, I just have to bite the bullet and try. I do have Dina Wakley's book on order hoping I can learn.

    Winnie #161

  5. I don't have any crystals but I sure could use some!!! Although I'm not sure how they'd get charged as we've only seen the sun ONCE this month (yesterday!) and it was fleeting. Ah, German winters, lol!!!! Love your marker collection!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  6. Oh my Angie, neat and waiting for the moment! Crystals are beautiful...interesting isn't it, that when I want to re-charge, I find the ultimate way to do it is to seek sunshine and bask in it!


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