Wednesday, June 5, 2013


What’s on my workdesk or rather all over everywhere today and has been for much of the week!  This is a long post so be forewarned.  I’m sorry Julia I know it breaks the keep it short rules of WOYWW for the Stamping Ground.

ReOrg Jun 2013 003See it started like this, I got really peeved about something and I needed to clean.  Well it wasn’t nice out so I couldn’t go rip up weeds so instead I starting taking everything off my shelves.  I took everything off all the shelves and even took the shelves down!  This is what it looks like today, one shelf back (the white one) with knick knacks that I just can’t part with.  The two sets that flank the futon will get books back on them, after I finish sorting the other bricka brack.

ReOrg Jun 2013 001All cabinets getting a through clean out.

ReOrg Jun 2013 002Drawers getting a through clean out and sort.

Reorg Jun 001The toss and give away pile.  My Pixar lamp died, I’m so sad Sad smile

Reorg Jun 003Shelves were cleaned off and rearranged and now the organization starts.  The clip on version of my Pixar lamp was put in place. 

ReOrg Jun 2013 005Left side of the desk.

 ReOrg Jun 2013 004Right side of the desk.

Yes I still have a mess to go through the good news though, I’m not aggravated anymore lol.  Now I just feel like wow I’ve got too much stuff and gee I really need to use some of this stuff.  Anyone know a great use for glass glitter beads???


  1. your space looks fab! I am envious of all that storage... have a great day. Helen, 5

  2. Well, I totally get that, and however long it takes, once you get teh bit between your teeth, it has to be done! Good job too, I suspect that you're going to end up with a very organised a a bit slimmer stash!

  3. You have a nice space, and good for you attacking your organization like that. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #100

  4. I always wondered what was on either side of your desk. Thanks for the perspective...And and tossing works for what ails me too!


  5. I always like to visit my neighbors first!
    Nothing like a good turn out to brighten the spirit- even if your fav lamp has died!
    Thanks for visiting my place and welcoming me to yours!
    Robyn 102

  6. A good sort out does wonders for the soul and for the stash too!! Take care Zo xx 65

  7. oh my word when you get stuck in you really get stuck in I bet it felt so good to look at it all knowing you had cleaned it to within an inch of it's life
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  8. Glad to hear your clean up was successful. I hope you can still find things. When I clean up - sometimes I lose stuff. :-)
    April #137

  9. That was a great post and share, Angie! There is nothing like a good sort out and reorg that frees the creative spirit!! Plus, it's always nice when stuff that has been neglected finds a new home to be loved. I always end up with cra, er, stuff that I don't end up liking or using. I hope you have a wonderful week! Darnell (I'm just visiting this week, so no no.)

  10. Oooh, my husband knows when I am cross about something because I clean too! It always seems such a useful way to get rid of the excess energy. It certainly looks like you have managed a huge sort out and you will at least know what stuff you have now, double bonus!! Annette #8

  11. I got your note, Angie. Thank you for returning the flavor and coming to visit me! I hope you will follow my blog if you like what you see! Have a great weekend!! Darnell

  12. Do I spy a bind it all in your pile of toss/give away? Wow! I don't think I've used mine in years, either.
    Thanks for your kind words on my latest post! Take care!

  13. Hi Angie, you've made a great job of cleaning out your craft room. I so know that urge to clean ... and once started you just have to keep going until it's done! Knowing you have too much stuff is one thing, doing something about it is quite another - I speak from experience :) And I bet you discovered stash you forgot you had too. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elizabeth x #56


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