Thursday, September 26, 2013

Creative Chemistry..

So as I mentioned my creative desire has been missing for a while.  That spark, that ‘it’ that makes you want to get all inky hasn’t been seen for months and I even went so far as to tell my gal pal Kathy that I didn’t know if I was making any Christmas cards this year!!!!

So into my email came a little kindling, from Online Card Classes.  I’ve taken two of their previous classes and enjoyed them, they were the Holiday Card Boot Camp and Holiday Card Workshop which were packed with great ideas and techniques and were just the thing to help me make some really cool Christmas cards. I love the fact that once you take the class you have access to it for life, yes LIFE!  This particular email brought me news about a class called Creative Chemistry 102, hosted by none other than Tim Holtz.  Now a long time ago, I had the pleasure of taking a class with Tim, in real life and it was a blast!  He pushes you outside of the box and while I don’t have a hard time getting there usually, he pushes way further than I normally go.  I like that A LOT!  So I went and read and well hey I had missed Creative Chemistry 101, but I could still take it and if I wanted to take 102 I had to!  So I signed up and in order to prepare for these classes I had to go through the supply lists and that of course led me to do some shopping but not until I took stock of what I had using some handy, dandy printouts from Ranger!  Following that link will take you to their page where you can print out charts to keep track of what Ranger supplies you have!

I haven’t started the projects yet, I’m waiting for my orders, yes plural to roll in.  When they do though I’ll be ready because I’m looking forward to getting inky as the videos that I’ve watched so far have me really excited to get stamping again. 

THAT was just what I needed!



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