Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sparking Creativity…

It’s been a long time since I bought any card making supplies.  I haven’t set foot in any craft store or ordered anything online since last December.  Nope I’m not kidding.  I’ve steered clear of trends and of watching the blogs and all the latest and greatest.
Until recently….
I was channel surfing the other day and saw this thing that said something like Creative Crafting and I thought, ‘oh maybe it’s a new show’ (I so miss Carol Duval!).  Well, it wasn’t it was HSN but they were doing craft day all day and I just happened to tune in while they were doing cardmaking..
The first thing I saw was this really nice Christmas stamp set.  I loved the sentiments especially and thought that the others would be great for card fronts.
I watched for a little bit longer because an Anna Griffin Christmas card making kit was coming up and I’m glad I waited because it’s pretty awesome.
An idea sheet, 60 card bases, envelopes, layers, ribbons, strips and embellishments,lots and lots of embellishments!  While these aren’t my standard that involve stamping they are still going to be beautiful and the look is oh so classic Christmas!
I think I’m feeling inspired…

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