Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unmounted Stamps..

Over the years I amassed a large collection of rubber stamps, mounted and unmounted alike.  I’ve never cataloged my stamps, though I probably should have.  My mounted stamps are in two beautiful cabinets that my husband made me.  He also made two smaller ones but I’ve used those for other supplies.
I realized quickly that I would run out of room for mounted stamps and well, they were expensive!  It was about that time that I heard about rubber stamping conventions and attended my first one. It was in Akron, Ohio and it was huge but the best part was all the unmounted stamps, they were everywhere and they had rubber pits!  They were bins full of unmounted rubber stamps, piles and piles of rubber that you dug through using your hand mirror to figure out what they were!  It was fun and compared to mounted stamps, they were cheap and so I shopped.  Over the years I continued to shop, I joined The Angel Co and I shopped some more.  If the stamp was unmounted it had a good chance of ending up in my collection! 
The problem with um’s is the storage, I tried binders but the stamps would fall out or sometimes (and later I found out it wasn’t my fault!) slide off the EZ Mount.  Later I moved on to CD and DVD cases but a lot of the time I’d have to break up sets and I even had some big background stamps that just didn’t quite fit.  Even worse some of my sets got smooshed because they were too thick for the cd cases so I was using both binders and cases! (There was an entire cd rack that held cd’s the floor too yikes!)
almostdone 003studio_003
In recent years I moved to Scraponizer cases;
Each 8 1/2” x 11” case has a file folder insert that you can put stamps on, so you end up with three places for sticking your stamps.  Again, no indexing and even though the cases were labeled, I didn’t always find what I was looking for and in all honesty haven’t been using my stamps because I forgot about them.
Of course then clear stamps started gaining popularity and they come with a index and I realized I was using (and buying) that style a lot.  What’s a stamper to do?
Step one was to downsize the um’s and I did and made Kathy really happy I think! Second step find something that will work for me…
An index.
Made by stamping Archival Jet black ink on over head transparencies.
A sturdy backing to put the stamps on by cutting the scraponizer folder in half.
A page protector to slide both parts into so that no stamp is lost.
Now I’ll have a visual on my unmounted collection that’s in the same place as the stamps.  I’m thinking that I’ll be placing them in a box so I can just flip through them when I’m looking for something.  Let’s hope this is the final organization of these stamps!
Who knows, maybe I’ll get really crazy and create an index of the mounted ones….


  1. Oh my! You are so organized! Great ideas and I really like what your hubby made for you.

  2. Angie, I understand your dilemma and still have not completely organized my unmounteds...I did what you are now doing years ago, but then read that overtime the cushion would react with the acetate, so I have my stamps in the boxes I bought them in, or on the white binder boards(my backgrounds), or in the cases like those sold by SU or aMuse. your organization always inspires me.

    1. I heard that too, about the acetate and the stamps. I know you can laminate cardstock but I didn't want to invest in a laminator just for this. I figure cutting those scraponizer folders in half is my best bet and I can add the white boards if I run out of folders. I'll keep paper between the transparency and the stamps just in case! Thanks for saying my organization (attempts) inspire you! It's nice to think I'm keeping others from being swallowed by their supplies ;)


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