Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Side Track About Online Classes

While I wait for a purchase to arrive, (which I’ll explain in a few) I wanted to comment about taking Online Classes a little bit.  I’m not a big trend hopper over here, I like what I like.  When people went crazy over bakers twine I was like eh?  Next the Washi tape explosion and I don’t own a single piece of it, so because of that when I take these online classes I go out of my way to use the supplies I have and not purchase additional stuff. 

This is extra especially true with the Holiday card classes, I’ve got Christmas and Winter goodies by the tons (since they, with Halloween and Fall) are my most productive card making seasons.  So when I sign up for these classes I do so planning to use what I have on hand and not replicate the exact card that they make for class.  I know that some people feel the need to do just that though and so they go into panic mode when the supply list is released (and it’s HUGE) and they don’t have 90% of what is on that list.  I wish I could impart some knowledge on those crafters, convince them that it’s okay to use what you have because these supply list sort of annoy me.

It’s kind of a pet peeve for me I guess, to continually push people to buy more and more stuff, especially when it’s people that feel the need to create the identical item that they learn in the class.  The trouble is they learn one way to use that particular item and if they don’t typically think outside the box they’ve wasted money.  Personally, I’d love to see the supply list geared in a way that encourages the use of what we all have on hand.  So if there is need for a snowflake die, just say that, don’t direct people to some new die that’s just been released.  If you need Christmas sentiments, just say that too instead of luring them in to buy yet another set of stamps!  Do that will all the supplies and on the day of that class when the instructor posts their video and samples, list the exact stuff used there for the people that want to replicate the card (or whatever).  The supply list for this years Holiday Class was sent to us and it’s a whopper, the irony is the post that are being made about how the stuff is already out of stock at the stores that are supposed to give students a discount.  Thankfully, I’m not buying!

Now as I mentioned my Creative Chemistry 102 is taking a slight pause as I wait for something to arrive.  These classes showed me how to use things that I already had namely Distress everything.  The irony is that of all the stuff I had, I didn’t have any Distress paints, well I have one picket fence, but those paints have appeared in several of the days and so I did order a couple holiday colors (see always applying logic lol) so that they would coordinate with the seasons and my upcoming projects.  I will admit that I so far have not like 102 as much as 101 because of the sample projects that have been posted by guest designers.  As odd as that may sound, I liked just seeing the tags and going to the gallery to look at what people made with the stuff.  I know, I’m an odd girl.

Well stay tuned, the paints should be here soon and I’ll be able to get back to class!

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