Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Useful Review…I hope :)

While I await the arrival of my CraftBox I decided that I would share a review of sorts, inspired by a comment a dear friend made.  She told me that she loves reviews done by ‘regular people that aren’t trying to sell you something’.  I must agree with her, reviews that are unbiased, that aren’t earning the person something are harder to come by these days.  Rest assured I’m not trying to sell anything, my selling days are behind me!
So, this isn’t really a ‘craft’ product specifically, but it certainly can be used in your craft room, it’s really useful, no seriously, it’s a Really Useful Box!
These boxes come in a variety of sizes far too many to list actually but they are really, really useful!  I only have four but I’d love to have more to store all sorts of supplies, I have three of the 3 litre size and one of the .14 litre. Why I like them for starters, they are stackable.
They are really easy to open and close,
by just flipping the blue handle over.
Each one holds a lot embossing folders, even the large 5 x 7’s and they aren’t ridiculously expensive.
I searched high and low for a good way to organize my embossing folders.  I tried a book that I made, I tried a page protector designed for holding cards, I even tried clam shell boxes but none of that worked for me.  I really like just being able to grab a box (or basket) and flip through what I’m looking for. So binders, books, clam shells that I had to pull or dig or tug just didn’t work for me, these though, are perfect!  I have my folders divided into categories, so Holidays are in one and are split up by Christmas, Halloween, Valentines.  Designs in another broken down into Flowers, Circles, Patterns and one for Words and Birthdays.
If you want to know more about these Really Useful Boxes you can go to their website and take a peek!  Really Useful Boxes.  I got mine from Office Depot so if you have one of those you can go there and look at them and see what you think.  When I went I had really just gone to look but I liked them so much, I ended up buying a few!
So there you go, I hope a useful review for a really useful product! 
I’ll review my CraftBox when it comes, from assembly to completion!

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