Friday, October 25, 2013

Creative Chemistry Days 8 & 9..

These lessons focused on paints and pearls. 
So I ran into a minor issue in that I don’t own any Perfect Pearls.  No, I’m not kidding and there is a reason for that.  See what I do have is a ton of Pearl Ex and a collection of three palettes that were something like Angel Wings, or Fairy Dust and so I never thought I ‘needed’ another type of mica powder.  Hmmm, those Perfect Pearls went on my Christmas wish list lol! They have the gum Arabic built in so no mixing, or needing something else.  In my defense when I was getting my powders there weren’t any Perfect Pearls yet!  So the 3 tags using the PP’s didn’t turn out exactly like they would if I’d had the ‘right stuff’. From top left to right, Perfect Splatter distress, (I like the colors on that even though it doesn’t sparkle.), Perfect distress mist (did not work out well and clogged my mister solidly.) Perfect Distress and my shimmer is, oh really hard to see.
Now on the paints, the paints I loved and I see more paint colors in my future! From left to right,  Crackle Paint Resist this was cool though it’s one that you can’t do quickly as the crackle paint has to dry.  I love the colors though and will try it again.  Shattered Stains (love, love, love this!) so cool using the Rock Candy crackle to make the snowflakes! The Paint Dauber Resist as done on sticky back canvas, I don’t think I put enough white paint on the stamps to make it stand out.  I also should have used different colors to go over it.  Live and learn though Smileand am I ever learning!

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