Friday, October 25, 2013

Creative Chemistry Days 5 & 7 ..

It was all about stains and embossing for these lessons and it was fun!  It’s been a long time since I used ep for much more than plain old embossing.  It was also the first time I ever used stains!
Top left is Nostalgic Batik, next to that Distressed Powder and on the far right, Rusted Enamel. I had some issues with these, I don’t have my craft iron (it’s on loan to my MIL) so I didn’t batik the ep, so it’s really bright and shiny.  My colors of Distress ep are um, one so I didn’t really dig the colors or outcome.  On the Rusted Enamel, I don’t think I put enough powder or I flicked too much off, but it didn’t quite look like Tim’s.
From left to right on the bottom, Stamping with Stains, Stained Kraft Resist and finally Marbled Stains.  I love, love, love the stains and I can see I’ll need more colors of them so onto my Amazon wish list they went! (Christmas is coming!)  I think my favorite is the Stamping with stains, but the Kraft Resist was cool.  I put too much picket fence down when I did the marble and so it’s sort of washed out.  Not sure I like that one, at least not that tag.
I’m learning so much, I had no idea how versatile these products were, I’m so glad I found out about these classes!  Oh and the reason there is no Day 6 is I skipped it, I don’t own Distress Markers so I couldn’t do those techniques, Copic is my marker of choice.  I just don’t like markers that I can’t refill!

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