Friday, October 4, 2013

Ribbon round up…

I’ve often wondered if I’m the only crafter that seems to always be searching for the ‘best’ way to organize their supplies.  It warmed my heart when I stumbled across many a post on blogs (while searching images of ways to store various things) of crafters that do the same thing as me.  There have been many, many failed attempts at storing and organizing my supplies, today finds me working on my ribbons, again.
I tried one of these ribbon bags,
ribbon bag
It was a pain, the ribbon got tangled and I could never tell how much I had of a single color.  So I went with doll pins in very pretty storage jars and for my rolls open baskets.
The jars looked nice but inevitably the color I would want would be on the bottom of the jar and I’d have to dump them all out.  So I went with the rings,
ribbon rings
Now that’s what my rings looked like and it was a process getting my ribbon on those little cards.  It always puzzled me how if you looked at images everyone else had this lovely perfectly flat ribbon, just hanging so neatly and I had this!  I’d want one color, go to pull on it and I’d get knots and tangles.  Hmm..
So now I’m doing this,
I took some foam board that I had and cut it into 3 x 6” rectangles and I’m wrapping the ribbon around it and securing with a pin.  I’ll put these in a drawer of my new Craft Box.  I can see what I’ve got and it’s flat and easy to flip through!
Let’s hope this is the last time I have to change the way I store my ribbons!

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  1. Wow ! I desperately need to do something with mine. Thanks for the inspiration.


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