Sunday, October 6, 2013

The ‘New’ Space

So here is my new ‘craft corner’,
well it’s a little more than a corner, maybe a rectangle.
The Craft Box will go in that empty space and the small table will be an additional work surface.  The chair in the corner was in the living room but we moved it out to make room for Coopers giant crate.  Ally likes it there, I was thinking it would make a nice reading corner, she says nap spot!
I brought down some stuff already, the Craft Box will be here Thursday with assembly required!  I’m really looking forward to getting it all set up because I miss being creative!


  1. Always love seeing your home,it's gorgeous and homey and those windows are to die for which leads me to the question,will the Craftbox cover part of the window when it's open? Sorry for that run on sentence,lol.Am so looking forward to reading about your CB experience,Karen

    1. The CraftBox will stick out a little in front of the window at the corner and when it's open will cover most of it. That room though, has 3 windows on that side wall, another one at the end by the chair. A double French door next to that, another window, two more windows on the other side wall and a single French door, plus 4 skylights lol, so I think I can spare a few inches of that corner one, especially since it's against the house! Now I would have loved to have had the WorkBox but it would have taken the entire corner and covered that window completely, when it was closed!

  2. I love the new craft box it is amazing. I love that room and you have organized it so well can't wait to come see it soon


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